Google signs deal with Paramount to bring hundreds of movies to Google Play


  • Tom

    Youtube movies is a good complement to Netflix.

    Netflix is a great all you can eat price, and Youtube for when you want to watch something specific (and it isn’t on Netflix).

  • Milpool

    Renting movies is such an antiquated concept, even in terms of digital rental. Netflix is at least a less limiting business model. Too bad their stream selection is horrible.

  • PkaTka1

    Yep agree! Netflix all the way. I prefer the all-you-can-eat price rather than pay-per-use. Oh well, torrents long live!!

  • shawn

    Too expensive!

  • Michael

    and yet they couldn’t afford to keep Canada’s wonderland…

    • Keith

      Wow,is that gone? I didn’t hear anything about that.

    • Yeria


      It’s not gone.. it’s just not owned by Paramount anymore..

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    I prefer an all you can watch model as well. You are still limited by your carriers bandwidth limit.

  • EmperumanV

    When can we buy like in iTunes? Come on Google, step up the competition