Gmail and Play Books updated with added features for older Android versions


  • Non

    I wish they could port Chrome as well

    • Bilal Akhtar

      They’ve already clarified that it won’t be possible, since Chrome heavily relies on the HW acceleration API provided by Android 4.0. Porting it would surely require changes on the OS side too.

  • K

    Somewhat unrelated question: What app/mod/widget is being used to override the stock battery indicator? Thanks. K.

  • Paul

    Daneil what kind of mod are you using to make the battery meter show up as numbers in the status area?

  • shaggyskunk

    yeah, that’s great…. But I’d like to Google do something about spam! How about allowing us to BLOCK senders!! It should be up to us to not only view the garbage in the spam folder… but then give us the opportunity to permanently block the spam!! Google tries to suggest that we might miss something if we’re allowed to block senders… I think that we’re old enough to decide which senders, we are sick of seeing nibbling up data with their crap!!

  • Chimp

    Did anyone else read the title “Gmail and Play Books” and assume it was something to do with gmail on the playbook?

    “Google Play Books” sounds really stupid.

  • W Young

    Yeah I thought it was Gmail on a RIM play book tablet.