Samsung registers Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Next trademarks


  • Josh

    Were getting closer…. cant wait

  • rk.

    sounds just Grand!

  • ToniCipriani

    In before SAM coming in and yammering on and on about the Note…

  • Alex Davies

    WTF Samsung – really?

    Because they are committed to sticking with the overall Galaxy brand they have to come up with these stupid secondary names.

    Grand? Next? Premier? What happens next year – will will have the Ultra-Grand, Next 2 and Premier Prime?

  • Tony

    All products Telus won’t get. We have the Galaxy Zone in my store and no sign of any new Sammy phones coming in. What gives?

  • Shamu

    @Tony .. Buddy, are you complaining about the zone or the lack of new Samsung phones? The zone works great in our store for customers. It gives them the good, better, best options easily. Samsung just needs to fix the retail mode on the live units so the customers get a better visual of the phones in action. Are you listening Samsung??

    Don’t touch the zone! We like !! (just make it better!!)

    • Tony

      PHONES!!!!.. the zone is good. Agreed on retail mode .. it is really weak