TELUS to launch new Trade-In Program


  • Dimitri.k

    Fido has a similar thing when you trade in a phone you get cash value as well. This seems better tho because i like that they are donating $3 to the tree Canada. I wish it was a bit more but what can i say.

    • Spikerosered

      Actually even though its not advertised Fido will take $0 devices and donate $5 to the same organization.

    • Dimitri.k

      Just called Fido & i called 2 Fido stores in Toronto & they told me they do not do this. They only take your used phone & give you cash on whatever its worth. Which area are you from that is doing this? If this is true then Fido is doing the right thing as well. They should at least advertise it tho. It would make more sense to do that then hide it right?

    • Dimitri.k

      Hmm weird i called Fido & 2 Fido stores in Toronto & they told me they do not do this :/ They told me they only take your used phone & give you cash credit if you are signing a term. If Fido is really doing this its a good thing but it would be better if they advertised it tho. More people would go if they see that ( some may not it all depends).

    • Alex Perrier

      When you trade in any one phone in working condition and with no severe damage, Fido gives $50 credit towards any one of their phones. This is a pretty good deal which they had for quite a while, because it also works on prepaid and outright prices. Trade in all your CDMA stock (except Palm Pre, maybe) to get GSM handsets, some that even support HSPA+ too! 🙂

      Seriously, though, i traded in an LG Rumour for a Nokia C1-01 and only had to pay for a prepaid credit ($10 for 30 days). It is an excellent replacement phone and FM radio with a standard headphone jack. Only complaint i have for that price point is the Nokia headphones included. From my experience, they are really awful, and even Huawei makes better ones, which says a lot.

      But besides that, it’s strange Fido is giving away the treats and not the other way around. Hopefully TELUS can top the big dog! But with which animal?

  • YYC Rogers Client

    hmm not bad… maybe now i can get rid of all these damn phones that i have sitting around and get a new phone through telus… but i wonder if they will be able to match my plan.

  • Cody

    Wonder how much my old DHD would get me. Not too much I’d say.

  • Greg

    There was some confusion initially. It’s only non-value devices that they will donate $3 for. Also, slightl point of clarification, the value has to applied to a device first, then accessories.

  • Rich

    Great for people that don’t know how to use eBay or Craigslist to sell their phone.

  • jan

    wonder how much will they take for a locked bb9900?

  • Plazmic

    $200 maximum?! Get the eff outta here…

  • telusman

    you would like to get 600$ for your BB9900 your a joke

    • Dimitri.k

      If you go to Kijiji a lot of people are selling the Bold 9900 unlocked & in mint condition for $425 – 500. I have seen many people post & within a day or so they get buyers.

  • jan

    ah better yet. i’ll go that route then 🙂 Thank you

  • Matt

    The Source has a good deal too. If you sign up for a new bell/virgin smartphone plan, your old device, as long as it turns on is worth 75 dollars. If its an iphone, bb or decent smartphone it tends to be worth 50 or more, then you get that on top.

  • new_tradition

    Trade-in-values are jokes more often than not. I have an lg neon t365f that was used but otherwise I’d give it a 7.5/10 condition, with all the parts and original packaging, that was considered worthless by the program, TWO YEARS AGO. On ebay, it CURRENTLY goes for 10.00 at least. Which isn’t great, but it’s more than absolutely nothing.

    That’s probably the biggest downfall with phones-they’re constantly updated and the newest thing ends up being not so great within only a few months :/

    • Matt

      So you expect to get a tenner when they have overhead to cover as well? You are the joke my friend for being so naive.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    I expect to see a whole slew of used “as is” phones pop up on eBay right around the time of this new Telus launch.