TELUS Novatel Ovation MC679 LTE Mobile Internet Key review


  • Milpool

    Great data speeds, horrible data plans. That sums up the big 3 nicely.

  • iTards

    What great data speeds? did u see the past test on Bell and Rogers? they were between 30 / 50 download..! I am not a fan of Bell and Rogers but Telus LTE sux! I will have to agree on the horrible data plans tho..all of the providers s.u.c.k at the moment..

    • Milpool

      You are being way too relative, iTards. Can you even fathom how fast 22 Mbps is, especially on a purely wireless connection? The average home cable or DSL connection still looms around 6 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up — and that is using low-latency grounded copper wiring. Any IT professional will tell you that wired is always a better alternative to wireless. It’s just so much more stable.

      Wireless transmission is prone to a crap ton of issues, namely packet loss — the farther from a tower, the more likely packets have to be sent over and over and over until they are successfully received by the local device. To get speeds such as these over wireless is nothing short of amazing.

      Personally, I feel this stuff is expanding a bit too fast — at 20-50 Mbps, you could eat through these tiny gigabyte packages in no time at all. Literally. 22 Mbps is 2.75 MB/sec… if you downloaded that fast for just 1 hour, you’d have transmitted 9.67 GB, which is larger than all packages offered.

    • jonno

      They were 30/50 download for Bell and Rogers… on near-empty networks. This data test was done with a network that is in partnership with Bell Mobility and so has users consistently using it. One should see identical stats for Bell’s service, which is still good considering it means that they’re keeping the LTE network running fast even with people using it after all this time. Now if you know things here that I don’t, please correct me…

    • A

      Testing Bell is pretty much redundant since they use a shared access Network country wide for LTE and HSPA. Now comparing to Rogers should be interesting

  • Braumin

    Telus also has the Data Flex plans. It starts at $35 for 1GB, and bumps you up to the next tier if you go over. Top of the flex plan is $90 for 9GB. It is a bit more money per GB, but if you use varying amounts of traffic per month, it would be a better deal.

    I still think the capped data is a bit of a joke, I mean, they sell you a moblie key that can (in theory) download at 75 Mbps, and then the highest data plan you can get is 9 GB for $90. You could (in theory) blow through that entire 9 GB in 16 minutes… gee thanks.

    My father-in-law bought one of these last week to replace his satellite internet connection. Obviously he is very happy with the speed bump, even though he is on HSPA.

    FYI I tested this key on HSPA and got 5Mbps download, 2Mbps upload. Doesn’t sound that good, but actually it is faster than my land line.

  • Gabby

    Dear TELUS..where is the heavy volume Samsung LTE handset? Shouldn’t this be a bigger priority? The Note is to expensive, and it needs to be $99 to sell. The LG product is junk. Nobody wants HTC now after the Desire HD and Amaze flops. Where are or LTE phones?

    • Mike

      Do you like to complain just for the sake of complaining? TELUS just lauched LTE what.. a month ago, less? They offer 2 LTE devices so far. Bell has had LTE up for longer and they offer the same (2) and Rogers (up for longer than any of the big 3) offers 5.
      Give it time. The network isn’t even nationwide yet, it’s just in the major cities.

  • Shamu

    Gabby, TELUS isn’t listening. Get prepared for another HTC dog and another LG this quarter. They are not making it easy on us.

  • ghost

    Is it possible that Telus may eventually be able to expand their Optik TV and Internet speeds and quality by using wireless LTE tech?

  • Manbo

    Until they launch handsets with LTE built into the SOC I will not buy a handset with LTE. Having the 2 seperate chips = higher battery usage. The faster DL speeds on a cell phone really doesn’t make that much of a difference when browsing on the device, however it does if you tether.

    Either way, it takes me 5-10 seconds to download a website and 2-5 seconds on an LTE device. Do I care? Not really. My battery lasts twice as long while browsing compared to the LTE device.