Motorola registers four “Motorola Turn” domain names


  • Mark

    Turn-ing off locked bootloaders?

  • chall2k5

    turning water into booze?

  • shaggyskunk

    Motorola’s Turn, to kick apple’s butt 😛

  • watsan Nokia maps is being heavily integrated into WP7, and having recently read that apple is looking into moving away from google maps to their own proprietary mapping, wouldn’t it make sense for google and motorola to develop a partnership pertaining to GPS solutions

  • Tyrone

    Apple going to turn and you sue you cause you didn’t patent the word “turn” Motorola.

  • crunch204

    most likely a GPS nav-app or system to compete with nokia drive

  • c

    Get lost Motorola.

    @Mark. Nah, definitely not. Those bastards would rather have me buy a brand new, UNLOCKABLE (*note it doesn’t come unlocked) Razr.. rather than letting me unlock my current one.

    NOTE TO MOTOROLA: screw you I’m getting a Note!