Sena Creativo case review: the iPhone pouch done right

The iPhone pouch is one of those divisive case designs, since it provides better protection than a regular case by covering both front and back, but also forces you to take remove it when you want to actually use the device.

Sena, purveyor of premium leather cases for a multitude of smartphones, has designed the Creativo in a way that at least solves one of the major problems of the iPhone pouch while maintaining its ultra-classy business-oriented design.

You can easily answer calls by sliding your finger across the screen through a small opening in the leather. The flap engages using a magnetic latch, and provides the perfect amount of tension without disengaging too easily. The inside is lined with felt so as not to scratch the device, and when on a call it bends backwards very easily.

As with all Sena cases, the Creativo is made of premium Italian Napa leather and strong visible stitching with a consistent look throughout. All ports are accessible, including the speaker and microphone at the bottom of the device.

This is easily one of the most attractive pouches I’ve used for the iPhone, and complements its industrial design very well. The ability to open the flap to quickly check who’s calling and then sliding your finger along the opening to answer is a two-step process that reeks of class. It pairs very well with a wallet or watch of the same grain and colour, and slips easily in and out of the pocket.

The Sena Creativo is available for $39.99 from the company’s website (and they do ship to Canada). It is available in a deep brown or black colour and is compatible with the iPhone 4 or 4S.