Instagram for Android coming “really soon”


  • Josh


    • Wham!

      Will this be available for blackberry?

  • Emperuman V

    Yes, finally. Now I can compare it with that of the iOS version and the Android version.

  • EvanKr

    Well, it took long enough! But seriously, I don’t know what’s taking the debs so long. Android is growing quite quickly, surpassing iOS sales in the states and becoming quite a major player here in Canada (although the iPhone and Blackberrys still seem to be the devices of choice for most). I can’t wait to see more Android apps!

    • 56

      What took them so long? Optimizing it for some many different devices. Don’t blame them for it. It’s a time-consuming process.

      As for the sales part, you might be right that the total sales are higher for android (I will just assume what u said is true). However, in terms of profit iOS is still a bit head of the game, but I think Google is working hard to change that.

  • JC

    Oh god, a whole new generation of kids ruining perfectly good photos by making them look imperfect, grainy, old, “retro”, and other such nonsense. Ugh.

    • Tattay

      Stick with your dated SLR (read: not DSLR) and Nokia then.

    • Mike

      God forbid people be even a little bit creative with photos!

      I know, I know… get off your lawn.

  • Flage

    sweet baby jesus…i can not wait for this

  • Mischa Price

    it’s running on a galaxy nexus. It is probally ICS only so only the good phones have not crappy 3mp shooters good thing late march early april is coming soon Sony (no longer ericson) please be on time

  • Michael

    @ JC exactly what I was thinking. I don’t know why people use the app at all! it makes the picture harder to look at in my opinion with everything blurred out and dark.

    Maybe it’s an all-right app but everyone chooses to use the horrible effects? I don’t know.

  • Mark

    Lightbox works just fine. No need for instagram.

    • Crue

      27 million people disagree.

  • user


  • stylinred

    greaaat…… more pictures of Cats in sepia/b&w coming soon to flickr/facebook/picasa

  • Cell Hell

    Aren’t phone cameras bad enough without making them look extra crappy on purpose?

    This is like shakey cam found footage movies, an annoying ugly trend.

  • taz b

    Finally! I can be a k3wl hipster twitter guy!