Fido makes $50 Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & Text plan available on 3-year terms


  • John

    Before everyone starts PMSing about 3 year contracts are evil. If someone is gonna stick with this un-zoned plan, wouldn’t it make sense to get a subsidy anyways.

  • iTards

    I want unlimited DATA!

    • JayCon

      Never gonna happen… 🙁 or the plan wont have tethering

  • cch

    Unlimited data is 6GB Offered through Customer Service.
    Fido finally getting unlimited canada wide on a 3yr is awesome!!!

    • James

      6gb data is not unlimited !!!!!

  • Nightcrawler

    Still no Caller ID or Voicemail??

  • Alex Perrier

    Wow, Fido must be feeling the pinch from providers like WIND! Watch Apple Stores promote this plan alongside CityFido:
    * $65/month for CityFido with 6 GB but no calling features
    * $80/month for Canada-wide with 6 GB but no calling features

    It’s rather pricey, but at least works with the iPhone or other three-year contract devices. i would like to see redundant price points (like $25/month for ½ GB or 2 GB) eliminated in favour of just $30/month for 6 GB at a regular price. Create a data flex plan around that if you’d like.

    This is a small step forward. i’d like to see what happens this month with other mobile providers.

  • marc

    on the beginning of 2011 it was 60$ per months for Quebec unlimited only (no message text inclued) I’m glad to see we’re getting more for the same price each years.

  • Studystand

    This plan is lacking Caller ID/Voicemail. Sweet plan otherwise – I can’t wait for the day that Caller ID becomes a feature that is mandatory for all providers to provide.

  • Nate

    That is the old plan and clearly has “2-year Fido Agreement” written on it

  • joe

    you get the same thing with wind for 40 bucks plus you get unlimited data and caller id

  • kevin

    for the same 50$ i get from Koodo what FIDO is offering plus voicemail and caller ID already included and i have also a 1GB of data without signing a contract so again why would i want to go with FIDO again????

    • mike

      To people like KEVIN, I’m not sure what you’re not getting. There is nothing that says you HAVE to take a contract… Also, Koodo doesn’t have unlimited texting included in the plans, Fido does… So it’s roughly the EXACT same thing. Also Fido has a good Retentions department which offers the 6GB plan for $30. They will also give you credits. Fido is a better choice in my opinion.

    • Truth about Tab!

      I was burned with Tab once and should say this:
      Koodo misleads you. They say no term contract but when you get their $150 Tab, you have to stay for about 4 years on a $30 plan to pay it off!!!!
      With a fido contract you can get discount on the phone, Fido$ right from the start and if want to leave, just have to pay the discount for the remaining term of your contract. They changed it a few weeks ago. There is no cancellation fee anymore. Also you can get way more discount on smartphones like iPhone or Android when sign on 3yr term. Fido has the best value among the national providers. Unless you want to go with a city company like Wind/Mobi with a shitty network. Comparing national realiable networks with new guys is like comparing public phone booth and home phone!!

  • Mojo

    Not good at all, still a rip off.

  • Yeria

    WIND Home Zone is big enough for me for the most of the time and I have the $40 a month HMC plan.. so I don’t think I’ll be switching my carrier for a while now.

  • stylinred

    How is this better than my WIND plan with unlimited calling canada/usa, unlimited txting worldwide, unlimited data, voicemail/callwaiting/blablabla for $40/mth?

    • Accophox

      The only plus I can think of possibly is the lack of zones. But who gives a flying… at that price, it’s better to grab something different.

  • koko

    FAIL..Koodo still better no matter how you look at it…

  • TheTigerTek

    Does this include roaming?

  • skullan

    Boring plan.

    Everything should be Canada-Wide with no zones, as long as
    you’re on your provider’s tower.

    $50 should include caller id and voicemail.

    $50 should include at least 1 Gig of data.

    Luckily, there’s a new litter of providers to choose from.

  • Kenneth Moore

    To be fair to Fido, last year they had a $50 unlimited local calling plan with no zones. This year they have Canadian Long Distance included. Who knows maybe by next year it will include everything that we see available on the plan today with Call Display and Voice Mail.

    I know Fido, Koodo and Virgin plans are not as good as Wind or Mobilicity but look how far the competition has forced the incumbents to be more competitive.

    If someone told me back in November of 2009 before Wind launched services that we would see the Big 3 offering unlimited plans let alone unlimited plans with Canadian Long Distance I wouldn’t have believed it.

  • Sophia Lewko

    Well For insitants Wind is cheap 40 $ for everything , but quality Suckss network horrible!! But Yeah Fido is for some expensive but quality is there and they have great programs like fido trade , fido dollars and the customers service is great … fido does have special offer every couple month which you can always take advantage of …6 GB might not be unlimited but honestly who goes over 6GB ??? if you do why do we have tablets and laptops and computers for .. i know many people that have 6 GB i never seeen any one go over 6 GB of data …AND NOW WHAT KOODO OFFERS CALL DISPLAY AND VOICEMAIL FOR 5$ FIDO OFFERS MANY DIFFRENT FEATURES FOR AFFORDABLE RATES …

  • Sophia Lewko

    BUT THE NEW PLAN 50$ on a 3 year term IS WAY AMAZING AND WORTH IT…..!!!!

  • Abel

    Nothing new!!!

    Both Virgin and koodo have this plan for a long time.
    Koodo $50 plan includes voice mail+call display, no contract
    Virgin $50, option of voice mail+call display or unlimited text…

    • Truth about Tab!

      Do you get it?!
      Can you get a real smartphone from Koodo?!
      Do they even have real smartphones?
      Im talking iPhone and real Android not the crap.

  • sophia pochodaj


    • AWSguy

      How do I report you for spamming the thread?

  • sophia pochodaj


  • Sophia Lewko

    how am i spaming , i have persanal opinions…

  • Andrew

    I’m confused by the comments that say Koodo has the exact same plan, all I can see is that Koodo has VM, CID, 50 texts, and Fido has no VM, no CID, and unlimited texts. Also Fido offers CF for $3/mo and I don’t see it anywhere on Koodo’s site.

    Also, they all seem stuck at $25/2GB, none of them has $30/6GB?

    Am I missing some hidden plan or add-on?


  • Jason Windy

    Wind Mobile Rocks!
    Wind has put some Wind into these companies!
    Wind is the best
    Love Wind Mobile!
    Support Window Mobiel 100001%

    Fido is a bad phone company (it belongs to rogers)
    Bell(Hell) is bad phone company so is vergin, and solo
    Telus and shaw and koodo are very bad too! Videotron is horrible!