Fido makes $50 Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & Text plan available on 3-year terms

Quick and important plan update here for those on Fido. They’ve recently opened up the flood gates to have their $50 Unlimited Canada-wide talk/text plan available on 3-year terms (basically for those who sign up for a smartphone contract). This was previous only available to customers on a 2-year or no-contract, but now those interested in having a no-zone restrictions can go forth. Just remember that you’ll need to sign up for a data add-on. Also, Fido will probably throw in the first month free and if you smooth talker you can probably get Voicemail and Caller ID at a discount. Worth trying for… here are the details:

Minutes: Unlimited Canada wide
– Incoming Calls: Unlimited Canada wide
– Circle Calling: Unlimited Canada wide
– Evenings & Weekends: Unlimited Canada wide
Text Messaging
– (From Canada to Canada Wireless Number)
– (Unlimited Outgoing International Text From Canada)
– (From Canada to US or International Number)

This plan went live on March 9th and has not shown up online yet. There’s additional proof of customers scoring this deal over on HowardForums here.

(Thanks tipster!)