The “new iPad” now available for pre-order, “Starting at $519” in Canada


  • Milpool

    $849? Haha. Few could comprehend the killer desktop I could custom build for that price. I could do so and still have enough in my budget to fashion straps for carrying it around like a backpack, if you really value portability 🙂


      Google and Asus will release the tablet for $199 only, better than this Garbage


      APPLE lost the smartphone market, now with this tablet they will lose the tablet, for me buying a 7″ Samsung galaxy tab with exynos processor is a way better than this garbage

      waiting for Apple to announce the bankruptcy

    • Rio

      Quality > Quantity

    • Yoyoma

      Android tablets are now irrelevant. Good bye Android!

  • 0defaced

    really apple…?

    NOT A WORD!!!!

    • 0defaced

      ok guys, really?

      10 thumbs down, approving the word “Resolutionary”????

  • jeff

    well, almost… site is still down

    • jeff

      really? 2 bozos voted this down? The damn pre-order site is still down, I don’t see how that illicits a negative response. Hater.

  • TheTigerTek

    Canadian dollar is par with US Dollar.. why do we have to pay nearly $20.00 more?

    • Xav

      Shipping it here, they don’t have as many tax breaks here so they make less money/unit, stores are more expensive, warehousing is more expensive, call centers are more expensive, etc…

  • Emperuman V

    Question, is the A5X quad core GPU and dual core CPU or just quad core altogether with GPU and CPU?

    • bob

      Apple intended to confuse the population here, but to be clear it’s still a dual core CPU.
      A quad-core GPU doesn’t mean that much… The Galaxy S2 has one (Mali 400MP4) and it is slower than the “dual core” one in the iPad2. Nvidia do not market its Tegra 3 as having more than one graphic core and yet it is as fast as the Mali.

    • Jerry

      Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip with quad-core graphics

    • Zomby

      QUAD-Core GPU + DUAL-Core CPU

      So basically, same CPU as the A5 but with an upgraded GPU. But most of this doubled power will be used to drive the 4x more pixels on screen. So you might actually see decreased performances on graphics intensive games compared to the iPad 2.


      its a dual core CPU only see the revolutionary devise WOW a dual core WOW , I am pissed off, ohhh they did not announce ant widget!!!!!

      Apple suck

  • Tim, JJ

    No Thanks! I’ll get a BB Playbook 64GB for $299.

    Pay $849 for an Ipad…not worth it.

    • wordmissing

      No thanks I will get a Playbook for $99 next month
      RIMM at $12.90 and Q4 report is still 3 weeks away!

  • Collin

    wait a month or 2 and samsung/asus will have a new shiny tablet that will blow this itrash outta the sky.

  • Dalex

    Umm 520$? Really? I’m glad you have such gullible customers Apple.

  • ExcessDan

    Extra 20 bucks on this just because, extra 10 bucks on the TV just because. It’s not even the exchange rate because it’s 20 bucks on each model. Any other company would and do just release it for the same price.


    Imagine the possibilities…
    Facebook, angry birds, fart apps.
    All these things on a QUAD-CORE

  • John

    Apple is still stuck in is own crazy world. If they wanted to dominate the market, the price should have been par with the high end android tablet. At that price, I rather buy a cellphone tablet galaxy tab. If you have money buy it hut for the rest of us not a great investment. What do you guys think?

    • carbon

      As much as many people dislike Apple and its price range for all of its product. The only thing matters in a business is rather it makes money or not. For Apple, it is a really successful company because the stuff it makes sells in 10s of millions. We can argue how Samsung, Asus or any other brand can have something way better and at a much better price point. The bottomline is tablets with higher specs and lower price points haven’t been able to compete with the iPad sales record yet.

    • Reggie Noble

      @John, I’m not a iPad fan at all, but Apple DOES dominate the tablet market. People will buy this device and Apple will sell millions of them.

      Android tablets are great devices, but the problem with Android tablets are that most apps are not naively made for tablets. They’re the exact same apps that are on the phone version. That’s a problem.

    • John #2

      What do you mean “if” they want to dominate the tablet market? Whether you like them or not they DO dominate the tab market. Nobody else comes close to them in terms of numbers of units sold.

    • MonkeyFace

      You r****d. Apple already dominates the tablet market.

  • Nadim

    why does apple charge $20 more for Canadian products? The dollar is at parity.

  • Blair

    Just for perspective – what if RIM had come out with this lacklustre product announcement for their next Playbook?

    • CADDMan

      Why ask when you can simply see how they DID announce their lackluster product when it came out last year.

    • wordmissing

      Do you mean: What if RIM announced Os2 10 months after releasing the Playbook and the thing can’t still do BBM nor BES?

  • Tomatoes

    I am actually impressed. Not a fan of how Apple conducts business and will never buy any of their products, but they could have easily put a 1280 x 800 display and sell just as many. They gasp! Actually ate into their huge profit margin for the consumer for once. Lol

    Now too bad they still won’t pass on the money they saved from using only 512mb of ram and charging 1000+ dollars for a $300 hp laptop with leopard OS on to the consumer.

    • John

      How do Apple conduct business? Isn’t all other multi-national electronic brand conduct business the same way as each other?

    • Tomatoes

      The margins on most electronics companies are razor thin just like the TV and automobile businesses. Sometimes they are even sold at losses With the plan to recoup costs through accessories or the use of the same chipset in other products.

      Apple margins are fatter than an elephant to put it bluntly. The only difference is that consumers force electronic companies to use razor thin margins or losses by dictating sales in that industry. Unfortunately, they also allow Apple to get away with these huge fat margins by blindly buying massively overpriced products.

  • Alpha

    OOOoOOooOohhh… an “iSight” camera! What koolaid does Apple intend on feeding people? What makes it an “iSight” camera rather than a standard 5MP front/back side illuminated camera?

    Must use that magic Apple sauce in it’s production…

  • Andy

    All you i****s you claim that Asus and Samsung will build a tablet better or same for cheaper are probably the same folks who drive BMW’s, Mercedes etc. Yeah you can get a damn Ford Fiesta which can park itself, but is it better than a Lexus LS400? NO!

    • Tomatoes

      That is nice if that was the case. Except for the fact that Mercedes cars suck since they started making them in Mexico instead of Europe.

      Android tablets are like Lexus and Apple products are like overpriced Mercedes or BMWs. The Lexus is the better deal no question. Ask any auto mechanic like myself.

      Hardly anywhere close to the blind Apple fanboy ford fiesta compared to BMW delusional comparisons. The best one I heard was a plastic shopping bag compared to an LV bag. If Apple fans are really this delusional I worry about the state of humanity.

    • Droid

      You’re really comparing a Ipad to a Lexus? You must have drank the “Apple” juice.

  • Sergei

    Stupid or not, I’m pretty sure when an asus or a samsung tablet goes up for pre-order, their site won’t go down due to demand like that.. nor will there be lineups in front of an Asus store.. if such a thing exists.

    If people are willing to pay the $520, whey should Apple be asking for less?

    • Droid

      It’s not demand that shut it down, It’s the dumb Apple techs that can’t keep it running.

  • pasuljko

    I wonder if this will make Samsung, Toshiba and other Android players realize that they can not charge $500+ for their tablets.

  • R

    Love my Android tablet , but no other tablet has this resolution

  • Cancuckle215

    It’s all fine and dandy, but if I have enough time to fart around with something like that to make it worth the money I’d be spending, I would be a neglectful father, wouldn’t work a full-time job, and be a terrible husband.

    Good thing I will never buy ANYTHING Appall because it’s not worth the time.

  • mac

    Nothing really impressive other then the screen which is basically next gen. All tablets will have that going forward. Whocares….can’t wait to see all the hipster douche bags buy this and will bring it to starbucks only to just leave it on the table hoping someone asks “hey is that the new IPAD!!!!” So they can act disinterested and say “oh that ya I guess…”

  • Vinius

    I wonder if the new iPad “world ready” will be compatible with the new Videotron network. Also is Videotron launching their LTE network soon?

    • Netguru

      No. Videotron does not have the necessary bandwidth to launch LTE now. They will have to (hopefully) buy 700MHz blocks in the upcoming auction to be able to offer LTE.

  • RichieRickardo

    Ok my main problem…. They have 9 BILLION in cash in the bank and yet they are still using the same design but maybe a bit thinner as the original iPad. Same 4:3 screen. Really not a fan of the GIANT iPhone look either.

    • Poulet

      Why change a design that is proven to work?
      If you’re not a fan, don’t buy one… RIM will be more than happy to sell you a tablet.

    • Braumin

      Actually it is $97 billion, not $9 billion.

      What they SHOULD be doing, is paying some of that money to their investors, but, somehow they always say they can’t afford a dividend.

    • gab = math wiz

      It’s actually $10.3B USD…learn how to read a balance sheet. Both of you.

  • John

    All I know is that I bought a high end Android phone because I thought iOS was boring. My phone gave me headaches from day 1 and I had to flash the ROM just to make it run smoothly and stop crashing on me. My next device will not be Android. iOS devices may be pricey and closed but at least they work as intended.

  • Koni

    Are Apple products better than others? Depends who you talk to. The good thing is that there is competition and we the costumers usually receive better and cheaper products because of it.

  • Steve

    @all the Android fanboys, Android tablets cannot compare to the iPad because they don’t have the applications. Most apps on Android tablets are just the phone apps resized for the bigger screen. Also, the OS looks and feels awkward and unfinished compared to the iPad. I own a PlayBook and although I’m glad for OS2 and the OS feels more refined than Android, the app situation remains the same.

    Really, the iPad is in a class by itself and the demand for it reflects that.

    • Dalex

      Umm? What? What apps do you need that are unavailable on android? Games? Because I really hope you don’t actually think the Ipad is a valid gaming platform. The OS on android feels awkward? Oh you mean like how IOS looks the same as in 2007 and the Ipad looks like a giant Ipod touch?

      I’m not saying that it won’t sell a ton of copies (most people are gullible sheep that will buy anything from a brand), but for someone that knows about choices, its a poor one at best.

  • Spartacustomer

    I’m sure the display is nice, and so on… but am I the only one who thinks IOS has reached its expiration? all the pixels in the world cant freshen this up…

  • pasuljko

    I don’t particularry like Apple but it’s really boring to listen to all Apple haters.
    Apple is putting a better product for same price … so what’s wrong with that? And it’s actually product that works compared with many Android offerings.

    • John

      I completely agree. I think Android could be great but it simply isn’t. I had nothing but problems with my Android phone until I flashed it. I had to reboot it every week because it would start lagging, and that was on top of apps crashing on me regularly. When the phone was brand new it would take 10 minutes to reboot and then it got worse and worse until it would take an hour..AN HOUR!!! Total BS. I flashed the ROM and it works fine now. But why should I have to flash it? Devices are supposed to work out of the box. I never had any issues like that with my iPod Touch (2nd gen), nobody I know has had those types of issues with their iPhones. When I buy a product I shouldn’t have to hack it in order to make it work properly. Apple didn’t sell me on their products, my experience with Android sold me on it.


    My Samsung Galaxy NOTE has more resolution than this!!!

  • Shawn B

    I’m actually waiting to see what Windows 8 tablets will bring to the table.

  • Who dat

    Damn I can’t wait to get in line with all the other high school kids waiting for my new ipad3 sucking back on my starbucks coffee.

  • wordmissing

    1-We can debate as much as we can, but the iPad is a mild revision (making a lot of $$ for apple) even at the same price and will keep on selling millions.

    2-Re the Playbook: 11 months later and no BBM and BES; they loose $ if they don’t sell it and even if they do..lots in stock now at $150…everybody awating for the magic $99

    3-Re the “other” tablets, you can get WAY more hardware and pretty much the same apps, so Android tablets are the way to go! But that is just me…

  • sj

    The resolution is impressive; my 24inch monitor is only 1920×1200

  • David

    it’s sickening seeing Apple call it the “Post-PC” era. Hell, the post-PC era is nowhere the horizon. A tablet probably (and especially the iPad) can’t do half the stuff a PC can do so there’s no way the PC will disappear anytime soon. These types of Apple propaganda is just annoying and even annoying is the fan boys cheering along like they just won a lottery, not knowing they don’t get a share of Apple’s profit (unless they’re shareholders).

  • IAK

    My favorite part of this is going to Kijiji and seeing all the ipad 2 and 1s go on sale for more than is selling them. “Why yes, I would love to buy your 4 month old ipad 2 16gb for 150 dollars more than retail.”

  • Jack

    Is the name REALLY “the new iPad”??? WTH did they smoked?

    And how this iPad will be called next year? The old new ipad and the new ipad then will now be the current new ipad?

  • David

    So it’s not for you Fandroids (obligatory: my phone is a Mobilicity HTC Panache). I have 400+ research papers in bioengineering whose prints are small and colours on figures are meaningful (e.g. levels and kinds of proteins expressed). Captions for the figures are even smaller in size, and are often placed away from the figure: being able to see the entire page in one screen helps. Neither the 7″ Playbook or the 9.7″ 1024×768 iPad/iPad2 display could really display, say, a PNAS paper without limitation. This 2048×1536 9.7″ display, on the other hand, will.

    tl;dr version: the new display of the new iPad is a big deal to some, easy on the blind hate.

  • Friko

    The saddest thing is that people are gullible enough to pay for this iPad3.

  • phox

    I love how the apple fanboys complain that the apps on an android tablet are just resized and not made for the tablet… its better than playing a game that only shows up as the size of an iPhone when your playing it. And ad of last month android passed apple in the amount of apps available!

  • Carlos

    Buy a better android phone , there are dual core phones for around 300-400 like the g2x and they work great. Want to tell me why my iPhone 3g started lagging after upgrading to iOS 4? It got to the point where it was pretty much useless.