Readability app now available for iOS, developed by Toronto-based firm

The long-awaited Readability app is now available for iOS as a universal app on iPhone and iPad. The app, which allows you to save web pages for reading later in a clean, ad-free and eye-friendly format, comes into a saturated market with Instapaper and Read it Later being available on mobile for years. Readability, however, differentiates itself with a very intuitive, multi-touch interface where menus and settings are hidden by default and only appear when you want them there.

The app is free, and after logging in to your Readability account will automatically load any content you’ve saved through the web service already. The iOS app incorporates a web browser to search for and save articles when on the go. There are, however, no discovery options at the moment so you’ll have to know what you’re looking for in advance.

At the moment, the style options are limited: five fonts, though all beautifully adapted to the screen, and a day/night mode for dark or light reading. No margin, justification or spacing changes possible, but that should come in time.

The Readability app took a long time to develop, and was stuck in App Store purgatory for nearly six months. Developed by Toronto-based Teehan+Lax, who have developed mobile apps and websites for Bell, TheStar.com and Virgin Mobile among others, it emphasizes a strong sense of clutter-free simplicity.

Download Readability for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store.