Stuff We Like: myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000


  • T-Bone

    nice..would be handy.just wait this time next year its going to be a portable nuclear accellerator giving you up to 100 charges lol

  • Chris

    Lovely device. Would love one.. but 100 dollars for a 6000 pack? I can by 8 official Samsung batteries for that. Maybe nice for iPhone users but if you have a different device there are much cheaper options.

    • Rio

      Lets see carry 4 batteries or one can just charge my phone 4 times.

      Not to mention the hassle of making sure you charge each and every one of them.
      A lot of the people prefer to pay the extra for convenience.

    • Chris

      @ Rio: I can actually insert a battery, don’t have to carry around a device thats trice the size of my phone and you’re not going to use your phone when it’s charging with that brick connected to it.

    • Nick

      Where are you buying Samsung batteries for $12.50?

    • Nick

      Where are you buying legit Samsung batteries for $12.50?

  • cave johnson

    have bought 2 anker batteries for my Sensation before upgrading to ICS. Now they are pretty useless as my phone never dies before the end of the day (roughly 30% left at night).

    upgrade to ICS yourself, or wait until official upgrade, but you will see the difference mr. Bader

  • mark

    A little odd to post since they don’t ship to canada….

  • Reg

    Yeah, they need to change that. Ended up buying my Powerbags off of eBay, but can’t find a source that’ll sell me the 9000 maH replacement batteries that work with the system.