Sony Xperia U “Kumquat” pictures surface, looks to be a Xperia S mini


  • IAK

    I’m excited about the larger version, sony makes quality products. After playing around with Xperia Ray (telus), the camera, the screen, battery life(lasts forever), just about everything but the screen size is top notch.

  • Big Red Machine

    I can not wait for the big 3 to get this! It would totally rock on a real network.

  • Someguy

    Calm down guys. It feels like your selling these or something.

  • hinds

    Amazing screen and camera with the highest pixel density on any phone to date,ie higher than crapple s. This is a winner from Sony mobile Fuh sho!

  • Brendan

    We know these aren’t the most up to date specs, but that doesnt mean people have to be d**ks about it like the one above.

    Sony does make nice looking phones and people do enjoy them. Grow up.

  • anonymous

    Yeah idk why people think that because sony doesn’t have a quad core phone in development (?) that they’re s**t and won’t be as good as other top end phones. Quad core in phones is new, get over it, it will be crappy for 3 months untill after the first one release. Trasformer seems to be doing alright though (tablet, not phone for you ignorant folk).

    The point is, even though Sony’s most recently released products aren’t “up to par” in terms of specs compared to other high end stuff, they make stable products that work well. I’m more than likely getting rid of my Gnexus for one of these devices depending on how I feel about them after I use one.

  • Chump

    I wish Sony would make some pentaband phones or some versions of their models that run on Wind. I’d love to have one of these small capable Android phones instead of a blackberry. The Android line on with AWS bands is split between small and shitty or good and huge.

    • Big Red Machine

      Why would they do that? You have to look at tooling costs, what it will cost add a pentaband radio. Not worth it at all. Much like the Iphone. AWS is a dead frequency except on wind. T-mobile in the US is gonna scrap it so that will leave Wind.( T-Mobile is looking at going LTE ) Sony is not going to spend the massive R&D costs to add a phone to a weak network like Wind.

  • Binku

    Xperia U doesn’t seem bad expect the battery. 🙁 1230mAh is even worst than most low-end Android phones :/

  • Boojay

    Stop being such a Kumquat, you Kumquat.