Sony’s acquisition of Sony Ericsson is complete, now legally called “Sony Mobile Communications”


  • Joseph

    Imagine them adding “Sony Mobile Communications” in front of their cellphones. It just doesn’t fit… no pun intended.

    • Puddi

      They’ll just use SoMoCo 😛

  • OpenMInd

    I hope Sony now goes balls to the wall with their phones. They’ve go a lot of potential especially with their displays and games. And I hope this also means some high end Windows Phones.

  • Mischa Price

    So now i should scratch the ericson of my sony phone

  • Larry

    I hope Sony doesn’t down grade the quility like they did with there TVs.I still remember when Sony TVs were the broadcast standard.


    FUCK Wikipedia, Sony Mobile Communications, a Subsidiary of Sony Corps. It’s not Sony Mobile Communications AB. wtf is AB?

  • Web Design

    Think about them including “Sony Mobile Communications” before side of their mobile phones. It just does not fit… no pun designed.

  • Rich

    I suspect LG & Sony may surprise us with their phones this year.