Apple requests Preliminary Injunction against the Galaxy Nexus over 4 “high-power patents”


  • Jamy

    Apple should do what microsoft did. Apple should get paid for every android device made and that’s it. While I don’t like Apple, I do thing that they invented the modern smartphone. They should therefore get $10 a piece and stfu.

    • SAM

      !!!!!DISTROY SAMMIE DISTROY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dimitri

      Sam. Please stop typing in caps every time you post. Its making you look stupid & honestly its making a bad name for Samsung. If you want to talk like a mature person & not a kid then reply with a much, smarter & small cap reply.

    • Sined

      Dear Apple,
      Innovate, don’t litigate.

      The consumer

    • Sanjay

      apple = fascists

      why cant there be healthy competition instead of this?

    • Yeria

      He’s an Apple fanboi pretending to be a Samsung fanboi to make Samsung and other users to look bad. Don’t pay any attention to the troll then they will starve and just disappear.

  • Dimitri

    OH wow. Seriously? Apple just start inventing something instead of suing companies. This is starting to look like Apple is scared of competition so they want to get rid of it. Galaxy Nexus has sold many units & since Apple saw it they want to take it off the market so people can buy the iPhone.

    I am not a fan boy of any company but seeing this is making me not want to buy any Apple product.

    • klont

      I just want to ask all of you what kind of “smartphone” were you using before the iPhone came out… Thought so. Give apple a bit of credit. Just google how the android project looked like before iOS came out. It was pretty much a crappier version of the blackberry os. And yes, the initial design of the hardware for android did not include a touch screen but a keyboard.

    • Larry

      There is a reason patents exist,If they didn’t then you could make a killing copying products you never spent a cent designing.The Samsung line looks like iPhone works like an iPhone must be an iPhone copy or pretty dam close.

    • Dimitri

      @Larry & yet the iPhone looks like the LG Prada. Does that sound familiar? Samsung at least put effort into making phones with bigger screens, dual core ( not like apple that is only 800Mhz) high res screen, LTE, & more. Apple just started to come into the mobile section with high tech stuff. All they have is the app store & nothing else. Without that iPhone would be nothing.

    • Rio


    • Dimitri

      @ Rio. Tell that to Apple then not to us. Apple is the one trying to cut out the competition so they can make sells. I do not see any other company doing this much damage to them selfs.. We as tech savy costumers are able to say are opinions & yes they make different phones but in the end of the day which company is suing which? Look around before you talk.

    • Rio

      You need to better read before you talk. I was simply putting to rest the above comments on which phone is better.

      I made no comments on who is suing who.

      A company who is doing more damage to themselves? Apple is continuing to break records with its phone sales. Also you realize Apple has won the majority of the cases it has made correct?

      Not to mention the above patents are more about IP than in the previous cases where it was based more on looks.

      Apple is one of the few companies that actually enforces what they think they came up with at the same time pushing open standards. And then we have Motorolla making feeble attempts to sue apple and abuse FRAND terms.

      In going forward with all these cases, like very few companies have ever done before Apple is also making the world think about the current patent system and maybe because of these patent wars the will be a rethinking of it.

      ANd yes Apple is making sure it phone is successful isn’t that the point of a company? To make sure they succeed ?

      Apple is one of the greatest innovators of our time and if you fail to see that I feel bad for you.

    • Dimitri.k

      So rio you aprovve of Apple suing each & every phone company in order to make money? Then you must be so blinded of what Apple does then.. If you actually think they are doing the right thing then you are pretty much a tool. Apple is doing this to destroy competition. Prove to me & everyone else they are doing something else. Give me a break with your little lectures on how Apple is inventing s**t. They Copied everyone else & yet they claim they are the best? Hell they took the iPhone design from LG & they took the Notification bar from Android & the Imessanger from RIM. Prove to me that i am wrong.. I can guaranty Apple does not care on what some ifan likes because in the end you all will start buying the same old phone & to them you are their bitches.. They make you believe they invented something meanwhile they never did.

      Even RIM that is having issues does not take companies to court to keep them selfs up but Apple does?

      Also if you look at the history on mobile phones you will see Nokia / Sony / HTC & others made smartphones before Apple even thought of making one.

      Actually you are wrong. In courts now Apple is starting to lose. Do you read or listen to news? Apple was not able to sell any products in Germany & in some other places but it got lifted a bit ago. They lost sales their. They lost sales in China because of the conflicted they had with the scammers. Motorola has more Patents then any mobile company out their in which will show they will win.

      Again prove me & everyone else wrong..

  • Dan

    Maybe Apple should just sue Google for releasing a competent smartphone at this point…

    This is getting ridiculous… Afraid of competition much Apple? Afraid your legions of drooling zombies might leave you for something that’s actually good?

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. IT seems to me Apple is trying so hard to block & destroy all the sales & releases of the Android phones. Its been proven that many people are dropping iPhone’s for Androids so this could be the reason why. People can buy iPhone’s during the launch but half of them keep them. The other half sell them to get money. This has been also proven by a study as well. Go on Kijiji there is money people selling iPhone’s then any other phone out there.

      Apple is just scared of companies going up in the market & so they need to start suing them for the littlest things. I wonder if all the judges get together & start a new law that Apple can not sue any other company for pointless things. That would be great.

    • Rio

      You just countered your very point in the same paragraph you made it.

      “Go on Kijiji there is money people selling iPhone’s then any other phone out there.”

      You know why?

      Because people are willing to pay the extra 500$ for a quality phone.

      I bought 2 phones on the release of the 4S, one for myself and one for someone on the other side of the world who paid me 1500$ for it.

    • Dimitri

      Where do you see people pay $500 more? Are you blind :/. A iPhone 4S 16GB sells for 600 on Kijiji. You pay roughly the same amount at the apple store. When someone is searching for a cheap iPhone they will buy it from someone that is selling it for less not much more then you can go buy it from Apple.

      Yea because you bought them on release. Try buying them now. You wont even sell a 16GB 4S for more then 650. I have seen many posts that ask for more money & yet they are still looking why is that? Because people wont pay $500 more like i****s for a phone. Get over your self. You are the reason why Scammers are out their asking for so much for selling a phone when others that need the money sell it for less. Yes you make money but who in the right mind will pay lets say 750 for a 16GB 4S when others are selling it for $600 & the apple store is selling it for $650.

  • Briggs

    Looks like google finally has to get involved in this patent war. Finally. I was getting sick of them staying on the sidelines while their OEM’s have to find licensing elsewhere. Welcome to the war google. Let’s see how you fair.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Apple did not invent the modern smartphone….they might have reinvented it, or by shear poplularity forever polarized the direction of smartphone design, but they where not the first to the table….not by a long shot.

    They simply want to crush Google Android. They don’t want licence fees…they don’t need cash, they simply want to crush everyone. The best part is because they are starting to believe they invented the smartphone. disgusting.

    • Rio

      Who ever said the created the smartphone?

      Apple doesn’t create anything.

      They reinvent, Steve Jobs said it him self. They take whats already there, and make it as perfect as can be.

    • Dimitri.k

      @ did not Steve Jobs say ” I want to destroy Android” You can read that from any online page & his book. Apple did not invent anything. All they did was copy every other Mobile phone company & tried to make them selfs look like they actually did something. They are still at the 3’5 inch screen meanwhile Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry & Sony are doign 3’7 & up. They also do not even have the best cellphone camera they claim to have. They have the same old boring design on the phone. The had the antenna gate issues & battery issues in which they never even gave anything out to its costumers for free like any other company would. If you think im just saying stupid things then please be my guest & go read about 100,000 + complaints about Apple on any website / blog / media. Apple just wants money & all you itools are giving it to them.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    I should also point out that this is a free market.

    People can vote with their dollars. Everyone loves an underdog. I don’t think this will do nearly as much good for apple as apple thinks it will.

    Can you imagine….if apple successfully blocked all android devices? The public outcry would be unbelievable. The person who starts picking always get’s seen as the bigger guy. No matter how much you love Apple, we love choice even more. You start taking choices away and Apple will understand swift and punitive punishment from the likes of it’s customers.

    The saying,”Victim of your own success..” comes to mind here

    • Larry

      Coke will go after any publication for not using capital letters in there name.The way you and others talk companies that have worked hard to invent build and design products should have know protection.Using that mentality the government should open up the border and let any one in and flood the market with workers forcing wages down.

  • klont


    Go write a book. I will just copy it and put a different cover on it and I will give you the free market speech. I want to see how you will feel.

    • Non

      Haha @klont his name is not Ally , just read the whole name , it really gives meaning to what he did to you by his comment

    • b

      @klont That’s copyright infringement, not patent infringement.

      Then again, I shouldn’t expect too much out of iPhone users anyways.

  • MrMarvelous

    This s**t has got to stop. Lol

  • mark

    Everyone should ally and sue Apple, they are lame

  • Trotsky

    “The device is unlocked if contact with the display corresponds to a predefined gesture for unlocking the device.”

    Which is probably why you can move around before unlocking the device on ICS. The gesture and the path to the unlock button are not predefined. Can’t see Apple winning this one.

    • Jim R

      This is a, perhaps, clever extension of a combination lock. Why that should warrant a patent is beyond me.

  • Melloyellow

    Start inventing and stop suing..c’mon Apple, show people what you’re made of by inventing. Spend your resources wisely or you’ll just end up like RIM LOL. well…maybe not that bad but you’re going to get there if you do go ‘thermal nuclear war’ on google/android/any other invention that infringes on “your patents”.

  • Q

    apple is a big baby and since android devices are growing faster than apple and they are just jealous

  • Non

    Apple has become the ultimate patent troll

  • _ThaNerd_

    All what Apple can do now is pull its old patents and hope they are still worth something. Eventually they will become outdated since competition will bring newer technologies. All

    The tables will turn and down will go a rotten Apple.

  • shaggyskunk

    Apple should be more concerned about the people DYING to make it’s products.

    • nade

      Yea someone should really sue em for that. It’s getting ridiculous, especially after the iPad factory explosions.

      Selfish greedy bastards can’t ever have enough.. not even with their $76bn in cash reserves. Disgusting is an understatement.

  • Oprah


  • TouchMyBox

    It’s April 1st already?

    Oh wait, it’s just Apple, the joke that keeps on giving.

  • Fresh

    Apple is plain and simple, scared. I’ve supported them for four years now. No more, I wOke up!

  • Binku

    Dear Apple,

    Google Nexus and its ICS features were released sometime ago. Why did you take this long time till It become popular and available to all Networks including GSM and AMS (like Wind) networks?

    Also, apple. When you ever make phones for other networks like Wind mobile and T-mobile?
    Learn from others, qt least. Please?

  • jbarns


    Have you ever heard of windows mobile? Yes.. it wasn’t a great os but this was way before iPhone.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. I think he did not even look at that or just did not want to say it. Also my LG TU515 smartphone was able to do Video calling in 2007 when the first iPhone came out. It also had 3G browsing on it as well. That was a smartphone back then. It also had a micro SD card slot to add my music too. Also if you look back then Blackberries & windows phones were smartphone as well. They just adopted the smartphone name to make people believe Apple invented something… Apple took the design of the iPhone from LG Prada as well.

  • jellmoo

    1. Those are some rather vague patents with broad applications. Personally I don’t think abstract concepts like this should be patented, but that is imply an opinion.

    2. This is also where buying a licence comes in handy. Android unfortunately offers no real protection against such litigation. Something like Windows Phone would offer better protection as it would be Microsoft battling Apple in court.

  • Jeff

    i will admit i am an android guy…but this is getting ridiculous. Apple can’t be taken seriously

    and the argument about smartphones…apple didn’t invent neither reinvent…they copied
    google lg prada

  • mike

    Good for you Apple. Protect what is rightfully your Patent. Google and ICS have no originality, just a bugged,system, with slow OTA updates

    • Dimitri

      & Apple does? It took them 5 iPhone’s in order to bring out the notification bar in which was taken from Android. The i Messager was taken from Blackberry seeing as they have the same thing just Blackberry has its own App & pins.
      With iPhone’s you can not even Video call without being in Wifi. You call that great? With Apple you are locked into a company that wants you to have what they have. They are still on the same 3.5 inch screen & the same old design for the fast 5 iPhone’s. Need i say more?

  • Trololololol

    Hey apple, UJELLY? UMADBRO?

    Like they should sue Planet Earth because Im sure its infringed on one of their vague patents too!

  • Darknight2ca

    whats next for apple sueing anything with a battery in it?!

    • nate

      @Darknight2ca Hands down the funniest (yet soon to be true) comments ever!

      “whats next for apple sueing anything with a battery in it?!”

  • Matt

    At klont: I used the Nokia E70 for the longest time. That was a beast of a phone and quite a bit better than the Iphone.

  • tbv


    What smartphone was I using before the I drone? WinMobile…yeah it had a touch screen too…and yeah, I used a blackberry too…oh, and even a PalmTreo (lol remember those?)…come on don’t be so ignorant, Apple did not event the smartphone. If anybody did, it would have been RIM and MS…Apple took their ideas and made the iPhone…I will credit them with the concept of a centralized app store…although handango did exist before the Appstore)

    Apple is now a troll and, like in the past will be superseded by it’s competition. Apple is becoming so Manila and narrow focused they have lost their innovative edge…to big for their own good imo

  • salem

    It’s obvious that apple is is abusing the U.S. patent system and applying for very general patents in hopes to crush its competition. When there is no competition you don’t need to innovate. I’ll be glad to see Apple destroy its self sooner rather then later.

  • tbv


    I really hope you are being sarcastic…

  • M2

    Typical draconian Apple. It’s ok when they steal everyone’s ideas though.

  • shaggyskunk

    When will Apple sue All GORE… after all, he claimed that he invented “apple’s internet”….

  • kimber86

    wait till google oficially aquires motorola as motorola is the king of patents. Google will be able to crush apple if they wanted to in a patent war. Ofcourse google wont do this as it would seem they don’t mind healthy compitition even on their own android platform. Google takes two steps forward where apple, maybe, takes baby steps forward.

  • CuriousCursor

    Don’t mess with the Nexus Apple, don’t mess with the Nexus.

  • Keith

    It’s a tough call. There is too much patent trolling going on but what do you do. Google is just plain stealing from Apple and Microsoft then giving their OS away for free. I don’t know what the answer is but Google should not be allowed to get away with that without any repercussions. At least start charging for their OS and as I’m sure Microsoft and Apple find that particulary galling.

    • Yeria

      Wow. There are just so many things wrong about your comment. I don’t even know where to start.

      Google is stealing from Apple and Microsoft.. LOL because Apple is the one truly “innovating” right? Why did you also bring in MS here? They’re not saying anything.

    • m1ndtr1p

      I think you have things backwards here, it’s Apple who stole from Google (along with everyone else in the industry), the entire iOS 5 update was basically all stolen features from Android, WP7 and WebOS… Not to mention the tons of ideas they stole back when they first released the iPhone, contrary to popular belief (or what Apple says), Apple did not invent the smartphone, they stole the idea… And even today, the patents they used back then have NOT been paid for… Funny how Apple thinks they can take anything they want without paying, yet when others even thinks about doing the same, they throw a hissy fit and start with rounds of lawsuits…

      Apple is nothing but a huge crybaby trying to bully everyone around… I wish for nothing more than for all OEMs to band together, pool their resources and patent portfolios and completely destroy and kick Apple right out of the market once and for all, just to teach Apple a much needed lesson.

  • Rob

    “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system” – grasping at straws much? The patent office is really to blame. I should make a t-shirt and file a patent for a “cloth covering of the upper body, possibly made of cotton, polyester, silk or any other fabric”, I’d make billions.

  • Faber

    Apple really are the douche bags of the tech community

  • Domingo

    Like I’ve always said, Apple IS by far the most evil company in the world. Which is no surprise when you consider Jobbs was in charge for so long. I would imagine the whole executive are just as vile as Jobbs. Hope they suffer the same fate.

    • jellmoo

      I’m sorry, but wishing cancer and death on people because you don’t agree with their business practices is beyond morbid.

  • IAK

    “May rule in couple of months?” With the way technology is moving these days, Galaxy S3, Quad Core this and that. By the time they “ban” this device, it’ll be outdated and replaced with Motorolla’s quad core “razor nexus” or whatnot.

  • som

    Was wondering when Apple was going to start suing on the Nexus.

  • mark

    it makes me wanting for galaxy Nexus more!!!!

  • oydevil

    I hope Apple goes bankrupt..

  • kevin

    People this is the new Apple… they lost their soul with (Job’s death) and now they are like a car without a driver and when a car is missing a pilot well it doesn’t move at all and it blocks the traffic

    • m1ndtr1p

      New Apple?

      Apple did this even when Jobs was alive, this is hardly anything new… Jobs himself said that his main mission was to destroy Android in any which way he can at all costs, so far, he’s failed epically… Android is still blowing iOS away in market share, and it doesn’t look like Android is running out of steam, they’re still growing in market share after every quarter like clockwork.

  • MikeW

    Someone call Jackie Chiles!

  • artstate

    just go sue Google..

  • Boojay

    Apple and innovation are oxymorons.

    C’mon Android, when will you sue for the notification bar??!?

  • Mathieu

    This is insane. This patent war conducted by Apple is a sign that Apple doesn’t believe in iOS success anymore.
    Competition has became too good and way cheaper.
    You cannot win with 1 phone and 1 tablet in 1 closed ecosystem. People do love freedom and choice.
    People want to connect with their relatives and Apple doesn’t provide any relevant service to do that. Ping, iMessage or FaceTime are jokes. People want to share stuff using Facebook, Google, Microsoft services that are accessible to everyone, not some kind of communication services reserved for the 1% than can afford Apple products.

    The only thing Apple has right now is a huge customer loyalty.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Such BS.

    1. Basically autocomplete for tasks. so ridiculously broad…

    2. There must be prior art on this, as this is fundamentally how all search engines have worked since .com

    3. utter bs, the lock screen patent has been beaten, this is another iteration… :/

    4. Pretty sure t9 is prior art on autocomplete…

    Make more blood phones apple, adorned with blood diamonds… you seem to be ok with it.

  • Carlos

    apple should f**k off

  • roman129

    This is neither right or wrong, it’s part of business. They would be wrong to not try to get any advantage they could.

  • hakira

    When you can’t beat ’em, sue em?

  • Smitty

    Apple sues over “system and method for doing things on a phone.”

  • nowanexusfan

    I’m going to go buy a Galaxy Nexus now just because of what Apple is trying to do.

  • jan

    people dont understand business. When someone reiterates your idea and makes millions off of it, some legal obligations will take place.

  • davy jones

    Mobile Syrup, please don’t reduce your generally excellent blog to any of Mueller’s self interested crap. “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are very evidently his own words and don’t belong in a news article. It has been pointed out before that Mueller has certain industry connections. I think this will be obvious to any one who does a quick search of his history.

  • prufrock

    Perhaps someone more knowledgable in US law can help out, but isn’t Apple setting itself up for antitrust issues with these vague patents and constant lawsuits trying to ban sales?

  • fido


    who cares if apple was the first to have an all touch screen control? does that mean that all other devices should not be able to be controlled this way? I guess only ford’s should be allowed to be controlled with steering wheels by your logic.

  • Roboto

    Why would anyone support Apple at this point? You, as a consumer, are paying for this sh*t to happen. Send a message, and vote with your wallet.

    … unless you like supporting greed, and find it an attractive quality.

  • Mark

    What’s interesting is Apple sued Samsung and their Galaxy Nexus device which runs stock ICS and not the OS manufacturer which is Google. I think Apple is almost in a way daring Google to enter the fray which in my mind is going to waken a patent giant now that they have Motorola patents in tow. I can see all of the other Android phone manufacturers pooling their resources and making a stand against Apple soon if this keeps up.

    What I find kind of crazy though is Apple doesn’t manufacturer their own parts and gets some from Samsung and other Android friendly companies, so are they risking availability of the parts needed in the future?

    While I understand protecting intelluctual properties and patents the US patent system has handcuffed itself by allowing companies to patent ideas that are either too vague or that are essential for competition to even be born.

    Then again did the US patent system do this intentionally to protect US interests in the 1st place to eliminate World competition and save American job interests and exports??


  • Mark

    Well here we go again!!
    What’s interesting is Apple sued Samsung and their Galaxy Nexus device which runs stock ICS and not the OS manufacturer which is Google. I think Apple is almost in a way daring Google to enter the fray which in my mind is going to waken a patent giant now that they have Motorola patents in tow. I can see all of the other Android phone manufacturers pooling their resources and making a stand against Apple soon if this keeps up.

    What I find kind of crazy though is Apple doesn’t manufacturer their own parts and gets some from Samsung and other Android friendly companies, so are they risking availability of the parts needed in the future?

    While I understand protecting intelluctual properties and patents the US patent system has handcuffed itself by allowing companies to patent ideas that are either too vague or that are essential for competition to even be born.

    Then again did the US patent system do this intentionally to protect US interests in the 1st place to eliminate World competition and save American job interests and exports??


  • T1MB1T

    Do not worry fools WIND will calm apple down for you all!!! WE have the new IPHONE 5 locked away so we will just tell them to relax. YOU see that is what real power houses can do! We speak and Apple trembles! Dimiti the commie and his fellow reds can all thank us! Robbers is not going to help any of you losers! Just us in the no gag reflex club! we have the most megga hurts and the best network.

    • Dimitri

      Learn to spell my name before you start trolling & assuming.. I guess trolls will be trolls no matter what eh.

    • toaster

      I lol’d at “megga hurts”.

  • Technowhiz

    It’s an arguable point, I agree, but I think Apple is doing what Microsoft did years ago …took their eyes off the ball and had their asses kicked.

    Apple may win in selected markets (they probably took a note from Microsoft who sued Lindows in small markets and forced them to change their name to Linspire)

    I’m tired of the drama and will switch to Android the moment I can.

  • Niz

    Apple has turned into a joke. How about you stop using money towards your lawyers and start using it towards your phones and make something innovative. This shows how truly scared Apple is of competition. Apple is not going anywhere and it’s too bad, I used to like the iPhone, but making the new iPhones such as the 4S “Faster” doesn’t impress me seeing that most Android phones that came out before (Galaxy SII) are already faster, not to mention the so called “8 Mega pixel camera” that Apple are making a big deal of that also came out on the Galaxy SII first. Voice recognition is also pretty old news as well, little to nothing new, Apple are just good at blinding their consumers from the other great products because it has an “Apple” logo on the back. This won’t last long.

    • Dimitri

      Out of all the companies Sony & Nokia brought out the highest Cameras out their first. Nokia with the 12MP on the N8 & Sony with the Arc with the 8MP & another sony phone which had 12MP on it. Anyways Apple things they make better cameras yet Sony & others supply them with it. If they stop Apple has no chance then.

  • SC

    Innovate Apple, not eliminate.

  • Francois

    It’s about time…It’s about F***ING TIME!

  • LalaLAnd

    Extra Extra, read all about it!
    Apple requests Preliminary Injunction against any competition since sales went down.

  • T1MB1T

    Dimitri you poor commie just sit back and let WIND fix this mess. We have the subs we have the cash and we have the megga hurts. Tony said we soon have the new Iphone, and we will buy HTC and make it our own. So comrade dont worry too much we will let fools like you into our no reflex gag club.

    • Dimitri

      Not to be rude but you are starting to act like a psychopath. I suggest you get looked at by a doctor or someone with a medical degree.. We know you LOVE wind. No one cares anymore. Wind is a good company but honestly you are making them look really bad with the way you always defend them & make them loom so good when they are not. Do you even know what a commie is? I am not even Russian & yet your company is owned by a Russian.. Anyways keep making Wind look bad its just going to make you look worse as well.

    • T1MB1T

      WIND is not Russian. Do you have any proof at all? NO! so STFU! 100% in Canada! from the stores to the reps all Canadian! so take that to the bank! Dimitri to show you how grat a company we have we would accept you as a subscriber! But you have to admit we are the best company out there! Best phones best coverage best of all! Tony said just today that we will force the big 3 to back down and stop blocking our signals. Fore everyone to make AWS phones for us… we have the most megga hurts and you all now it!

  • Slype

    And this is why software should not be patented. The consumer gets screwed in the end because of companies who get big, are unable to compete and then try to hold onto their empire by suing everyone around them.

    Saw that movie and I can tell you how it ends. Right IBM? Right Microsoft? Sure you are still around but your innovation days are long behind you. Just like Apple.

  • jason4


    • Dimitri.k

      Oh look another ifan that thinks Apple invented with the iPhone. Please show me what they invented with the iPhone. The iMessenger in which was taken from Blackberry? The notification bar which was taken from Android? The Camera lens which is from Sony & another company? The chips inside from Samsung? The LED display made from a different company? The design of the iPhone was taken from LG when they made the LG Prada. Oh please show me something they invented. The IOS is alright but its locked to Apple in which does not let you costumize it at all. Even RIM lets you buy themes & add them.

      Man you guys must be really brainwashed…

  • Albert

    If I patent a picture of an Macintosh Apple, I will sue Apple for taking a bite out of my picture!

  • Mike

    Next, Apple is going to sue Samsung for selling more devices. “Because we patented being number one.”