“TELUS is not introducing a premium 4G LTE-only rate plan”


  • Josh

    Loooove telus

  • Biggo

    It’s like a lesser of three evils type situation. I hope the others will follow suit.

    • Rio

      Actually Bell is already doing this and was doing it since the start. Rogers is the only one with premium.

  • MacMan156

    That is great.

  • HO

    …well probably is because in any case they don’t have 4G, LTE is just a forerunner, funny how they feed bs info.

    • Alex Perrier

      LTE Basic is indeed a forerunner, a pre-4G technology, but LTE Advanced (up to 1 Gbit/s downloads) is certified as true 4G.

  • PhoneScience

    Well, I was thinking ‘YAY!’ but then this thought hit me;
    Telus called their HSPA+ network 4G, but LTE actually is (almost) 4G, if they raise the prices for 4G, everyone is going to pay more; que riot.
    So yeah, it’s not so much kudos as it is they can’t screw us out of any more money.

  • Matt

    I wonder if they’ll launch in KW like Bell did. I hope that the next iPhone supports LTE, now that the technology is a little more developed and battery life isn’t as big of an issue

  • Tom

    Yikes, now I’m wishing I was with Telus, not only because this would save me money but because it is downright reasonable – simplifies things for me and for them.

    • coyote748

      I would say it’s a good time to switch…all you non Telus users out there .It would send a message… NO? But as usual we just take it and complain…..OH WELL…

  • crunch204

    Bell does not charge for an LTE data plan only ROGERS does. Yes, Bell has matched rogers 10GB for $50 but you can take any regular data plan on LTE! ROGERS is the only one charging more

  • wewewi

    Being so far behind Bell and Rogers on LTE, they dont have much choice, dont they?

    • baester

      Would rather someone do it right, rather than Rogers’ way who launched with 20 LTE devices and charges a mark-up for. Outside of thsoe 20 people, who really cared?

    • Manbo

      Have you used a Bell or Rogers LTE device yet? Half the time the data session times out, kills your battery and forces you to disable LTE to use HSPA anyway. While I like advancement in the networks, how about instead of introducing a technology that puts even more load on the networks, we get coverage on HSPA+ expanded. Go to a Rogers store, tell them you keep dropping data connectivity on LTE. Their work around is to disable LTE. So now you are paying extra for a service you aren’t using.

      LTE really only benefits mobile internet devices/tethering. On a cellphone, the average user wont notice if his/her app downloads in 5 seconds instead of 10.

      Just my $0.02

  • Bryan

    I hope the telus lte network will be like the bell lte network, which means you can use the bell lte or telus lte network exactly like the shared hspa network they have with bell and sasktel

  • Matt

    Bell doesn’t charge extra for LTE with phones….

    • scotiaguy

      Matt Telus and Bell share a lot of towers in the Maritimes. They both have the exact coverage map in Atlantic Canada. This sharing goes the same out west where Telus is the larger player there.

  • roman129

    This is LTE done right, good job T. LTE left me with negative impressions when I saw Rogers and Bell’s plans.
    But logically, LTE should cost even less than 3G because of advances in speed and capacity

  • Mike

    The is no shared lte network agreement between Telus & bell.

    • scotiaguy

      Mike: Telus and Bell share a lot of towers in the Maritimes. They both have the exact coverage map in Atlantic Canada. This sharing goes the same out west where Telus is the larger player there.

      sorry Matt replied to you in error

  • Dr Cell

    rogers is the only company here in Canada that charges more for LTE. Am I wrong?

    • David

      Yes and No. Their current 6GB for $30 is compatible with both HSPA and LTE. Also all of their My 10 Voice and Data combos are compatible with both HSPA and LTE as well.

      However lower tier data plans are not compatible with Rogers LTE.

  • Hugh Gerection

    I hope this starts a price war between LTE providers since Bell already offers the Tab 8.9 LTE and Telus will need to offer something extra to attract attention.

    • Lionel S

      Maybe a Motorola Xoom 2 with LTE lmao…. NOT! 😉

  • replytothisnews

    This is real innovation compare to roger’s “True innovation” that Rogers always put up with their statement.

  • koko

    Hopefully, this will also apply to Koodo’s dataplans also?….

    • Jim Shorts

      Same hopes here…

      QUESTION: Will they restrict which calling plans we can bundle LTE data plans with? If there is no restrictions in adding an LTE data plan to an older calling plan then true kudos to them.

    • gwydionjhr

      I wouldn’t count on it. LTE requires a different SIM card, if Koodo doesn’t sell the “V3” (purple) SIM card, then you can’t get LTE on Koodo.

    • Manbo

      I doubt they will restrict which voice plan you use. As long as it is a current data plan they won’t care.

  • Blocknards

    Genius – simple and straight forward – not like Rogers’ bullshit “LTE” plans.

  • Terry

    Better then Rogers, but it’s still not much.
    I will give credit where credit is due. Not even US service providers use existing plan rates for their LTE data speeds.

    Give me 50-60/month for unlimited LTE data (with a throttle cap) and I’ll jump on that.

  • vn33

    I like that, not charging customer for LTE !! Now Telus, you know what else will make me swoon ? Make CID standard, and not charge customer 8 bucks for it !

  • Brian

    Another Rogers First from the same company that brought you the GRRF, the most expensive hardware upgrade fee [$35 vs our competitors’ $25] and the most confusing cancellation policy ever: Extra charges on LTE data! We’re so revolutionary, somebody stop us!

  • Jay

    There’s no denying it, that it pretty sweet news. I might actually make to switch to LTE now that its the same price, AS IT SHOULD BE!!

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Not bad.. clearly this shows why the big 3 will gobble up most of the 700 MHz spectrum… they can make LTE happen..

    Jabroni said Friday that Wind will not be going LTE. Welcome to aws.. I am sure Dimwit justin Imbecile warrenlady will tell you all you do not need LTE, that wind is an amazing value.. exit stage left

    • Jim Shorts

      Funny man. With such small data quotos LTE is good but not to die for. I wouldnt say no to it but at the same time it is a trap for people to easily go over your data limits. This is were Robellus will make its money.

      Now if they increased data quotas to 60gb then we are talking. I saw the download speeds of LTE and they are insane and scary with such small data quotas.

      You are running with speeds faster than your home internet with 5% data allowance you would get at home… Good luck.

      Not saying no to LTE but those data caps need to increase badly.

    • Manbo

      Well in all fairness, LTE really isn’t needed. 21mbps on Galaxy Nexus which really means 3-12mbps actual vs 12-25mbps on LTE… I’m sorry but for email, web and app downloads I couldn’t care less.
      LTE has its place and once mobile devices have proper LTE support, meaning all in one SOC and maybe using the 22nm process to lessen power consumption… then we can talk.

      At this point, LTE is more a hinderance than the holy grail.

  • Michael

    Their data plans are still too expensive right now. I’m going to wait until the market becomes more competitive before considering LTE.

  • Jude Brown

    Can I assume when the Telus LTE goes live it will be doing so across Canada? Every time I assume anything it usually doesn’t turn out so well…

  • Steve Z

    I am VERY cautiously optimistic. When 911 fee and gov’t fee “ended” Telus just raised all theilr plans by $5. Lower than those fees, but shady nonetheless.

  • Dave

    Good for Telus and Bell not to charge for network that is more cost effective for them. One of above posts mentioned that Telus & Bell will not be sharing LTE network, hope this is not true, Bell and Telus will take forever to rollout LTE, maybe Bell/Telus will get pressure from US carriers to rollout quickly for US roamers…hope SWO gets LTE soon, be nice for apps like VOIP that are realtime

  • Em

    Im with telus and this is great news!!! Out of the “big 3” telus is certainly the best in all the areas! And they do have 30$/6gb!

    Robbers on the other hand is the worst. What a shame really.

  • Wilson

    6GB is not enough with the amount of speed you can get with LTE.