Galaxy Nexus now available at Videotron


  • Alex Perrier

    Happy that Quebéc and National Capital Region people will be able to have an alternative to Big 3 for the Galaxy Nexus. This can be used with the “Urban Zone” plans (unlimited talk, text, and only email, iirc) and hopefully the student plans too!

    But if you want talk, text, and 5 GB of Internet at a low price and live mostly in Ottawa or Gatineau, then WIND is a better option, even though the phone costs $100 more for the WINDtab+.

    Surprised they launched in on the same day as Bell Let’s Talk Day!

  • Myrkull

    Its actually 149,99$ on the website…

  • power bob

    Videotron’s coverage in Quebec is getting pretty interesting. Going all the way up to saguenay…

  • rogue17

    But still has dead areas in Montreal where the Big 3 don’t. They are always changing their pricing around. Have done so 3 times since launching. Have removed call forwarding on my plam and now do not give 50 Mb anymore on their unlimited plans. Worse pratices than the Big 3.

    • cybik

      I’d bet they removed it because they had too many “bait and switch” problems and didn’t want to bother anymore.

  • Loco

    Love those Android robots!

  • Vinny

    Its 149.95 check your source…

  • Alaa

    Iphone 4s has louder spekaer, better and faster camera, better battery life, more apps, gets more frequent updates to firmware, siri can make u laugh, turns into a genie and grant u 3 wishes, and best of all it has a pretty picture of apple on the back