Sony Xperia S to be a fast-charging stain-fighting machine

As we roll at a glacier’s pace towards March and the Sony Xperia S, a few new new details have emerged about its new lithium-polymer battery technology and its stain-resistant outer body.

According to an interview with a Sony Europe Product Manager, the Xperia S is to incorporate a new type of fast-charging lithium polymer battery technology, necessitating a non-removable cell. The battery itself requires a higher current than traditional Lithium Ion versions, a more powerful battery controller built into the motherboard, which itself needs a a more stable connection to the battery due to smaller connection areas. Another important benefit to this is insanely fast charging times: ten minutes of charging will net over an hour of usage.

So why the removable cover at all? For the most part, to make repairs easier and to install the NFC antenna, which is affixed to the inside of the plastic shell.

Also interesting a so-called “nano coating” that wraps around the body of the Xperia S repelling not only dirt but fingerprints and oils. It does this by activating in UV light and has been shown to repel things like chocolate without so much as leaving a mark. Very impressive.

I’ll be honest: I’m very excited for the Xperia S, and can’t wait to try it when it arrives in the next few months. We had a hands-on with the device at CES, if you’re into that.

Source: PocketPC.ch
Via: Phandroid