Huawei and WIND Mobile partner to bring customers HD Voice


  • GuiSim

    HD voice ? I hope it is at least 1080 x 1920.

  • dojopinkus

    This would be fantastic if they could reliably carry calls 😉

  • Terry

    I….Have no idea what HD voice means.

    Obviously it means improved voice quality for calls but, huh? lol What is the quality now for cell phones in Canada?

    I want my Wind TV, announce that! 😛

  • chall2k5

    wait a second….fix the static problem before working on this (unless this works)

  • Tyler McCool

    Gotta love that marketing spin. HD is so 2009, give me 3D voice and I’ll be happy.

  • Regulator

    Wow way to go WIND, though I’m sure the 3 Stooges will come in with their corruption rants soon.

  • A

    First in North America…. sweet… BTW its AMR – wideband…

  • JAWG

    I want to apologize to all Wind users for constantly bashing Orascom. I now realize that my illogical rants and baseless accusations are a complete waste of time. I need therapy, that much is obvious…

  • Colin

    Trouble with HD Voice is that both parties must have a HD Voice compatible handset for it to work, and the only ones compatible with Wind at the moment are:
    Nokia 5230
    Nokia N8
    Nokia C7
    Nokia C6-01

    • zorxd

      And the network must support it. Meaning you won’t get HD voice if you call a Nokia N8 on Rogers.

  • Inu Endo

    So … I can connect my phone to my 5.1 SRS Dolby system … cool.

  • Colin

    I was also thinking that the upgrade to HD Voice is only a software upgrade at the base stations, that would mean that Wind could have this running in a short time.
    That would mean that they would want to stock new handset that would take advantage of this.

    • Terry

      Obviously as a business Huawei wants to make money, and with this agreement I’m sure the deal Wind and them made included Huawei providing them with some HD voice phones (let’s call them HDphones)

      I’m sure Wind did this as I’m sure Huawei was willing to do something fairly cheap, either providing the tech for the towers and HD quality voice network or more likely more phones at a cheap buy price for Wind.

      Which isn’t a bad thing as I think Huawei phones are improving at a pretty decent rate. They remind me a lot to HTC as we know where they are now.

  • JAWG

    @Fake JAWG:

    The only one who really needs therapy is you,plus anyone who does this everyday is sick/ disturbed and has no life…pretty pathetic man.


    The 3 stooges would probably comment better than you,yet our side doesn’t have to say anything when your side already made some good points…like chall.

    HD Voice runs on the Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codec. It’s a wider speech bandwidth of 50–7000 Hz compared to narrow band speech codecs of 300–3400 Hz which most providers have unless an up-grade was made. The WB-AMR is supposed to improve the sound quality by optimizing the network to work more accurately,however this won’t work well on a flawed/poorly built system and no real effect will take place if the phones can’t handle it in most cases.Works great in planes/Police bands/etc and similar.However,on Wind…please…this is just an attempt to fix their infrastructure which shows they are in trouble from complaints and means little to the average user.

    • Regulator

      JAWG you remind me of the people at my old job who could just spew random technical facts and figures without really understanding anything. Please go back to school JAWG, you aren’t a network technician and cannot predict what WIND’s service will be like tommorow, let alone a few months or a year from now home slice.

      BTW its rather telling that you’re handles Rocco, TBR, and JAWG all show up at the same time after your little romp with the chip’n’dales in Montreal.

  • Dabba

    Wow Jawg!! You have it all figured out now!! I am impressed with your ever so wrong predictions.

    Have you finally gotten a life after, or do you still use fake handles?

  • Winduser

    Orange in UK has deployed HD voice sounds good

  • espink

    Huawei is becoming very aggressive. I wonder if there was a change of leadership or just more profit coming in that allow them to invest so much into Canada.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @JAWG – To my knowledge, NOBODY has claimed that Winds network is perfect – not even Wind. If you’re going to argue with people, at least get your facts straight.

  • Dabba


    Don’t even start about multiple handles. You have been caught in the last week using them.

    Also we all acknowledge that Wind does not have perfect service. That is true with any line of business. But the fact is that logic and common sense have evaded your brain ages ago.

    And what is it with you and mountains? Is that where something happened to you in the past?

  • Regulator

    When did I say WIND’s service is perfect, there are some problems I have admitted that, however I’m ok with the occasional dropped call or glitch for $40/month.

    Yeah I want to reduce my expenses so I guess that makes me compliant with corruption across the globe.

    They seem to have expanded some of the home zone in my area so eat a big fat d-i-c-k!

  • michael

    Finally call quality won’t suck! 🙂

  • JAWG


    Maybe not you…still definitely the fanatics!

    @Ragu & Dabba:

    Right,you guys know nothing about multiple handles and are so innocent…I feel better now.What a joke…you are the most pathetic Fanboys on line.Enjoy yourselves…go for it.

  • 6G

    I heart you JAWG. You are one of the few one here who is not a mouth breathing hipster fat waste of life.

  • Ryan

    how is huawei gonna bring out HD voice when their phones have trouble getting signal with wind to begin with. heck, whenever i roam i get more bars then in a home zone.

    some may say its the network, others will say its any huawei device. or maybe its both.

  • JAWG

    You I believe!