Playstation-certified phones and tablets may soon be getting PSP ports

This is potentially very good news for those Playstation-certified phone and tablet owners waiting for more than just the barebones PSOne gaming selection in the budding mobile Playstation Store.

The ESRB (the board that certifies games for public consumption) has seen a couple PSP and PS3 games get passed, for the platform “Playstation Certified Device.” While this isn’t a tacit announcement that PSP titles such as Daxter and Syphon Filter are indeed being ported for use on the Sony Tablet S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, it’s an excellent indication such a thing may happen in the near future.  In addition, there are a couple PS3 titles in the roundup, most notably PSN game Flow, which I love with a passion.

It’s important to note that all three generations of Playstation-certified devices, including the single-core Xperia Play and arc, the dual-core Tegra2 Tablet S and Tablet P, and the upcoming Xperia S and Ion, have very different hardware, which may be a barrier to adapting such GPU-intensive games to all Certified devices. Nevertheless, we are holding out hope that Sony comes through in a big way here: there is nothing worse than a sprawling platform with no great content.

Source: ESRB
Via: Engadget