Nokia’s Lumia devices have crossed the one million shipped mark


  • astudent

    I must say MobileSyrup, I am really happy you are posting more about Windows Phone these days! Thanks for all your info, you guys are awesome!

    • kudostosyrup

      Kudos to mobilsyrup for making the distinction between shipments and sales!!

      At the same time this is a non-story, since the retail channels all over the world had 0 inventory of Lumias (Lumiae, Lumii??) so 10 or 50 million are not significant at all.

  • skinnypig

    Agree with astudent. Also helps that there are finally more Windows Phone news to report. Finally we are getting some 2nd gen Windows Phone love up here.

  • Nick

    I want the 900, yes i’m greedy, but i want a front camera haha.

  • Matthew

    I have an LG Optimus 7 but I am not sure I can deny myself the 900 when it arrives.

  • Trey

    Im only going to buy a Lumia 800 if they fixed the audio quality issue. No bass at all = no buy.

  • Dalex

    Hopefully the 900 is a success as it seems like a decent phone and decent OS. Not sure why they didn’t put a FFC on the 800, but oh well. I’m sure the 900 is supposed to be the actual flagship device.

    Hopefully we have more interest in the platform here in Canada. Whenever I go to the store and ask about a WP7 device they look at me like I’m completely lost and point me to the Android/Iphone section. Some still think I am talking about Windows mobile, its quite annoying.

    I would love to have some more competition for Android and WP7 looks like fun.

  • MARS

    The number shipped and sold are two different things. I can release and ship 10,000 copies of an album to stores but if no one buys it then I don’t get paid….

    • Alpha

      It’s true you don’t get paid but you also tie up a lot of money with the excess inventory. 10k albums @ $5 each is $50k in inventory.

      1M units @ $200 is $200M in inventory. That’s a lot of money, regardless of who you are.

  • aws fan

    For me it’s either the nokia 900 or the iphone 5, whichever comes to AWS first.

  • mark

    Do not want.

  • Apple4Life

    lawl “shipped”

  • Jesse

    The Lumia 800 just needs to come to Canada already! I’m dying to try one out.

  • Alan

    Follow the pattern and you realize that Bell is getting the 900. Or they’re going to pass on Nokia and windows until they have something “super” enough.

  • KC

    So what this tells us is that Nokia should have stuck with MeeGo since they have been able to move 4 million N9’s so far with only one model available and a mere 1/4 of that in Windows Phones with 2 models.

    Latest extimates put Nokia at half of all 2nd generation windows Phone sales so that would mean that HTC, Samsung et al combined with their second gen offerings have only shipped a million units.

    What’s this about Windows Phone Gaining traction? I mean come on guys, you bash RIM like its over for them yet Windows Phone is clearly NOT gaining consumer traction despite glowing praise by reviewers. Even if Nokia has HALF the Windows Phone market, they used to have 40% of the ENTIRE smart phone market so Nokia is a mere shadow of their former selves. Microsoft has been pushing Metro for almost 6 years now (Zune) and it still hasnt caught on.

    I just don’t see how all the news is gushing around Windows Phone when consumers clearly are not flocking to it and it’s been on the market over a year.