Confirmed: Rogers to release the Nokia Lumia 710 in February


  • Dillion

    I am on Rogers and am looking forward to a WP. However, not sure the 710 is enough horsepower for my inner tech nerd (which never gets close to using the potential of my phones, really). Regardless, here’s to hoping the 900 is close behind.

    • astudent

      Your inner tech nerd should also understand that the software is well codded and designed to make use of the maximum software. I think if Rogers has this phone on a 2 year plan like the states, it will sell very well.

    • bob

      how do you know it is well coded? Did you check the source code?

  • Jeeverz

    Sigh, while Bell and Telus get higher end phones like the Galaxy Note and Lumia 800.. Rogers is doing jumping jacks and clapping their hands with the Lumia 710 😐

    Your GSM exclusivity is OVER… You once had the best smartphone line up, then you handed that crown over to Bell… Now it seems that even Telus is going to trump you.


    Worthy yourself and bring out the Titan II or the Lumia 900

    • mark

      You know what’s even worse than their line up? Choosing a cellphone when you’re with Fido.

      You got the choice : a shitty LG with a keybaord on a 2 years contract or the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy Nexus

  • H0CKEY

    Typical ROGERS buyer bottom of the barrel phones

  • Dillion

    My comment was directed at myself, not the phone (as in I do not use my phones in such a manner to actually need all the bells and whistles).

    I am still thinking the 900 is Rogers bound. Maybe an overly optimistic hope!

    • astudent

      the one downside with text, its hard to hear the context and tone of the person’s voice without seeing them! I understand :)…it makes sense if the 900 goes to rogers because of LTE

  • wtv



  • len

    Thank you telus!!!

  • XER

    Rogers is a piece of junk. Period.

  • Hugo

    Nice Telus, just take my money already for that lumia 800 🙂

  • vieagle

    I’m just glad that we are getting a couple of new phones in Canada. Can always buy any phone outright for those that are complaining and unlock it:)

  • TheCyberKnight

    Bad move here Rogers.
    The Lumia 800 is a much more interesting device. I hope you secured the Lumia 900. That would explain you apparent lack of judgement.

  • Jonathan

    Bell = forever alone

    Hope bell gets the Nokia lumia 900