CyanogenMOD Store will allow “banned” and taboo apps to be downloaded to Android devices


  • Miguel A

    This is why I love android

    • Rio

      You realize this is exactly what Cydia is?

    • Geeforson

      If this can be side-loaded without CM7/CM9, then it’s not “exactly” what Cydia is, since it doesn’t require any modification to most phones. Other alternate app stores can be.

    • Geeforson

      The CM Store is an app, not a ROM. If it’s like the CM9 Music Player, you’ll be able to download and install it without the ROM. Which means no bootloader unlocking and flashing is required. Again, not like Cydia.

  • Dimitri K.

    That is good & bad i suppose. Its a good thing because the banned apps that work fine but Android team does not want them will go live on another software & people will use them. The bad part is that i really hope they do not let them banned apps that want to trace are location & info. I do want banned apps being released in which will want ALL are info. I believe the CyanogenMoD team will work great & bring the good Banned apps to us that we can use :). I have never had any trouble with them.

  • Sean

    Thats great thay if they open a store they will be getting income to support the developments of future roms

  • Tom

    Even leaving aside the app store, I think it is important that this list of apps be publicly maintained.

    There was a point at which Google only pulled malware + apps that were illegal.

    Then they added emulators since these facilitated breaking the law.

    Now, they’ve added apps that break the carriers’ terms of service.

    Is this keeps up, they will become like Apple.

    In order to prevent that, it is important for the user community to keep a spotlight on the list of legit apps that get blocked.

  • Nick

    Great… hopefully they do a good job screening for privacy leaks and so on though. If anybody falls victim to identity theft or fraud on an unauthorized app on a modded ROM, I assume they’d be up a creek as far as getting the bank or anybody else to take pity on them.

  • Al

    Time for pokemon on my phone 🙂
    nds/GBA emulator!

  • Mike

    This is why Android is the best. Hate being boxed in? Android will set you free : )

  • Name

    Taking money for other people’s work, without authorization or compensation, to support the development costs for your own software which you provide for free.
    Nice business model here. Seriously?

  • Geeforson

    There are still emulators up there. Some emulators (*oid) were removed because they were GPL-violating, which *is* illegal, and extremely dickish. For some reason Snes9x EX, which is legal, was also removed; the guy’s other emulators (e.g. NES.emu) are still there, though.

  • jeremy

    For privacy concerns, etc, you should look at f-droid since it’s an app store that focuses on open source apps including ones banned from the Google Market.