Bloomberg: iPad 3 production starts, sports a quad-core processor, hi-res display and LTE


  • radapple

    Well that’s kinda underwhelming… Still happy with my original Ipad!

  • Dave

    The Calvary of Apple is comming. Looks like they’re setting the bar(-ish). Lets see some good competition from the Android end!

    • howitzer

      What you mean is that Android is now setting the bar… i don’t know what is revolutionary about these features. look like they are just trying to catch up.

    • Me Ted

      The competition is already here. It just takes time to dominate the tablet segment much like it’s already dominating the mobile phone segment.

    • som

      I hope you’re not an Apple Fanboy. Cause if you are then why the heck are you making comments on this site? That goes to all the Apple Fanboy.
      Isn’t there a line up you’re suppose to be at?

    • bummy

      Somebody missed the all the news on the CES event, and Transformer Prime?

  • Boojay

    Will it come with Android?

  • TheFire

    Soooo they basically revealed absolutely nothing new or interesting that wasn’t already assumed by everyone everywhere.

  • ThirstyTech

    If you ask me, as far as tablets go, there’s not a lot you can do to make them more awesome than they already are. I don’t need 3D, retina display is nice, especially under the smudges of my fingers prints. Just make them faster and affordable. Then you get my vote!!

  • bob

    A retina tablet would be useless. Why don’t they start by making retina laptops and desktops instead?

  • Nib

    I doubt it will feature the retina display, it would be too expensive to make it that large and keep the end product cost reasonable

  • Kenny

    I’ve had my iPad 1 long enough. Hopefully the pricepoint stays within reason.

  • ELNY

    Until they do a major overhaul to iOS, they will all seem the same, with little to no difference.

  • wewewi

    Are they promising an upgrade to ICS in Q2 2012 as well?

    • idonkey

      The new ipad 3 will run BlackBerry OS 10 and support android. It’s will change everything!

  • Paulman

    I don’t believe it. I think I’ve learned my lesson from all the iPhone “5” rumors :S

  • Alex

    Ehm.. Hope it won’t be Ipad 2S with same freakin specs than Ipad 2, a bit faster, better cam and 200$ more to pay.

    Tells anyone anything?

  • MikeW

    Someone better make sure the Safety nets at Foxconn are secure.

  • ste

    What the f**k does “retina display” even mean?! It’s a name and is not descriptive in any way. How about we start talking in pixels and PPI?

    If the iPad 3 will “probably [have a] Retina Display”, it’s obviously not going to have it in the current retina display’s resolution 960×640 (on the iPhone 4(s)).. so the only other thing that we have is the PPI of 326.

    Assuming the iPad3 will have a 4:3 9.7″ display like its predecessors, even a 2048×1536 resolution only comes to 264 PPI which is not “Retina”. I doubt that they will come up with an even higher resolution to comply with what they call a “Retina” display. Instead it will likely be 1920×1200 like the ones on the Acer and ASUS tablets.

    • Rio

      Retina displays is a display where it is at that point where going any higher res, the eye/retina won’t be able to distinguish the difference.

      Because it is a tablet and you will be holding it further away from your eyes than that of a phone a tablet doesn’t need a DPI as high as the iPhone to satisfy the definition.

    • KingK

      2048 x 1536 is more likely than anything.

  • EmperumanV

    Still behind the Asus Transformer Prime and the newly mentioned Acer quad core tablet. Plus doesn’t the Transformer prime have a 1080P IPS display? I could be wrong.

    • Bob Dobbs

      It is a 1080p screen, but it still only has a ppi of 149. I doubt you need more on a tablet though, the Prime screen is already great.

    • bob

      the current prime is 1280×800
      the next one is supposed to be 1920×1080

  • Awkward Turtle

    Chill out on the hardware updates, Apple. It’s your boring, closed software that needs a touch up.

    • Rio

      Their closed software is just fine. I prefer a closed system to an open system. One mans trash is another mans treasure, APple is never gonna make their system an open one so stop complaining about it and let the people who do enjoy it live in peace.

      That is simply because I am not as big on the customization as the people on this site.

  • shaggyskunk

    Ultimately, wasn’t it an apple that led to Man getting booted out of Eden?? Why go to the Serpent again.

  • Mike

    Better battery and 8MP camera on top of it and I’ll upgrade ASAP. 128GB internal would be cool too… Flash storage even better, but that will never happen.

  • saffant

    Love how Apple is taking s**t seriously and stepping up its specs; more competition is WIN.

  • sino

    I believe it. Bloomberg is very accurate – this is probably the most accurate article to date.

    LTE!!! Nice addition and update to the iPad.

  • Paynus in Uranus

    I hope it has a huge battery cause with a large screen and lte it will eat power quickly.

  • Gab

    I know you are all hating… but the A5’s GPU still smokes the asus transformer…

    • som

      Of course it’s going to smoke every tablet out there. Apple has waited long enough to see what the competition has put out and go against it. They’ll take all the ideas and copy it and make it better. Then they tout is their invention and say how they are revolutionizing the world again.

  • Altimatic

    By 2014, the iPhone 6 or 7 will finally have an NFC chip… 4 yrs after the Nexus S came out with one. LOL

    • Rio

      Apple makes its products for the general public not for us techies that is why they waited. If they released NFC 4 years ago the general public would have had no idea what to make of it and called it crap.

      Apple isn’t about the best technology as early as they can get it out. THey want to release it at the right time so the customer has less to worry about. At the end of the day its not about specs but about the customer experience.

      I doubt 4 years ago you could even use NFC much.

  • briggs

    Agreed with Rio.

    Apple doesn’t want to appeal to the tech heads. There’s not a large enough market for it. Timing the technology and using the tech to the greatest possible potential is what Apple does. And no one can deny that they do that very well. Android is the linux of mobile operating systems. It’s powerful as hell, but to truly understand the intricacies of it, you have to really delve deep.

  • benji

    apparantly, most of you in here think that you can design a better electronic device than Apple.


  • ruddias

    I wonder if it will come with a spun metal backing aswell…

  • jon_d0e

    I bought so many many products with NFC here in canada that i will never buy a cell phone without again.