Grooveshark shirks App Store ban, releases mobile HTML5 player


  • Tomj

    Love the android app version. Now there’s no more issue about having a friend’s music in the car… just pass them the phone and we’re golden.
    Que up any sort of playlist you want, from Nebraska to Katy Pery dubstep remix’s.

  • mark

    katy perry & dubstep should never be used in the same sentence!

  • Dan

    Works Great on the Playbook… even in Background mode and the Play/Pause button works to stop/start the music!

    Well the full website also worked on the playbook since flash is supported, but this is lighter and faster.

  • Kid.Canada

    Works on Blackberry Smartphones too, tried it on my Torch 9810 and it works flawlessly! Thank god for this now!! 😀

  • Paynus in Uranus

    Apps are dead, long live html 5!
    (This site needs a bit of debugging before its ready for prime time. Landscape mode isn’t good in Android but its a good start)

  • freestaterocker

    Strange they wouldn’t include windows phone… One of the most publicized aspects of the mango update was html5 support.