RIM named as Canada’s top business newsmaker of 2011


  • FIRST!


    • EvanK

      And as for the top news for 2012, this i***t thinks that we actually care that he’s the first commenter.

  • ken

    ya news about failing isn’t real news.

    • Dimitri k

      Then i suggest you make your own company & try to see if you fail as well. I really doubt you can make a handset & sell it to millions & own what they own.

      Comments like this make me wonder sometimes if people think. Yes RIM f****d up but hey EVERY company does. Apple has f****d up many times Same goes for HTC & Samsung. YET i see no comments like this about them.

      I am not a “fan” boy of RIM but its coming to the point that its stupid reading idiotic comments like that.

      Make you OWN company like RIM & then lets see what you say.

  • mike

    Rim will make a comeback here in 2012. And I think once 2013 rolls around, they will get their consumers back. Once bb10 comes out, and the bugs are worked out, the fans will come back. I personally never left.

  • StarTAC

    For better or worse, RIM certainly has made news in 2011 in the mobile device market, not just in Canada either. From a non-BB user, but I do wish RIM and their supporters all the best in 2012.

  • bob c

    R.I.P rim

  • Susan

    I think RIM will make a comeback in 2012. Don’t count them out! Go RIM Go!

  • Ryan

    I think RIM comes back. Not to be first-place or anything like that, but at the very least they’ll have a nice battle with Microsoft for 3rd-place in North America and Europe and continue to be #1 the rest of the world.

  • mike

    Dimitri was that directed towards me? Because I never said anything about starting a phone company. I just simply stated that I think rim is going to bounce back quite well.

    • Dimitri K.

      It was directed to Ken. If you see i replied to him. Yea a lot of people are saying they will. I believe they will as well. I really hope they do. They are a great company. If they can hold 75 million costumers then i guess they are right? People do not understand that. They think because iPhones & All the other phones came out that RIM is making shitty phones. Why? Because they make Single core phones? Why because they do not want to be like Apple / HTC / Samsung & Nokia to try & be the best out their. RIM made phones for humans that want to use phones AS PHONES. Not as show offs & say ” Hey i have this & that”. BTW all this is not directed to you. Just saying it.

  • Pat

    I agree, RIM was #1 newsmaker of 2011. I am still proud of my ‘berry and just set up new playbook today. What a machine. I’ll be upgrading my 8530 in’12 and am looking fwd to that. RIM is still an amazing, innovative company and I believe it will survive and grow.

  • rim jobber

    it’s pure jokes to see rim collapse lol!

  • Dimitri k.

    So you are telling me its “pure jokes” that people that work with RIM are losing their jobs? Hmm… I guess then you need ro really think about what ” pure jokes ” are then. I know RIM is a company but also people work for it. Just find your comment a bit rude as well. No i do not work for RIM but i would feel bad when those people lose their jobs IF RIM falls.

  • deltatux

    Personally, I want them to shake up the management team. I personally believe that the company hasn’t executed critical business decisions that they should have due to the co-CEOs. RIM has a lot of potential but they don’t seem to be able to tap into that potential. Lastly, RIM needs to stop solely focusing on one market segment. Sure, corporate customers are important, but they don’t have the volume to expand their market share. RIM needs to rethink themselves and try to strike a happy medium with the average consumer and corporate consumers. This is going to be hard for RIM as they also have to promote their brand as secure so the corporate consumers would still buy into their platform but may have to trade off a bit of the security to make it consumer-friendly.

    It’s hard, but should not be impossible. So all the best to RIM in the new year.

  • mark

    Maybe RIM gonna have a similar story than Nokia and is gonna announce a BlackBerry with windows 8… Oh sht hope they’re going to ally with Google before it’s too late!

  • todd

    I’d love to see a blackberry with Android Software this way you get best of both worlds 🙂

  • todd

    But also having Blackberry messenger, and email security threw Rim but also running Android Software. You see I stated Blackberry Messenger and not BBM cause Rim doesn’t own the rights to BBM, BBM is owned By BBM Canada.

  • T1MB1T

    WIND is the best business! When are you all going to admit it! 650,000,000 subs and 10 billion in cash! I think I will tell tony to buy this site and make it as open and free as the wind site!

  • mike

    Sorry posting on my phone – I can’t see if I replied to someone