Rogers New Year’s Eve prediction: 6,000 texts per second at midnight


  • Doobie Sisters

    Guys, quick question here:

    Will Rim be ok?

    And now a joke:

    Knock, knock.
    >who’s there?
    >rim who?

  • Milpool

    I used to be on Rogers. Extremely stable network and I had service basically everywhere, but their price gouging made me port out. All in all, the only time my texts didn’t work was when Canada scored in gold medal OT at the 2010 Olympics.

  • JJ

    ROGERS , you are still the one. i started 2010 expecting to switch , after many trial and errors . I have decided to celebrate my 10th year with ROGERS. Happy New Year. Cant affford to be gone with the WIND

    • chall2k5

      Wind’s signal has improved drastically over what it was in Spring 2010

      all the “new” HSPA networks have have issues, including MTS, Sasktel, and Videotron. Not to mention the Wind/Mobi networks

      Even PM has had issues

      in 2012, expect eastlink to have minor issues when launching their new network, and I also expect shaw to reconsider their Wifi plans

  • Jadis

    I totally ban the text because premium text and difficult-controlled US text charge.

    • R

      Never, ever had a premium text charge, ever.

  • T-Bone

    Not sure what your doing Jadis..having a cell phone since 1999, only had 1 premium(3rd party) text charge and I was aware I was to blame since then nothing but clear sailing. People who get gouged by that have no one to blame but themselves

  • Slype

    Rogers, you are still the one. I dumped you in January, 2011 and I couldn’t be happier. I was with you for 11 abusive years and I will be forever scarred by your lying, cheating and bullying ways.

    I understand the appeal that you to others who do not know better. You have lots of goodies to offer up front but I know first hand that under that slick marketing machine, a terrible entity exists.

    Here is too another great year without Rogers in my life (tip of the hat to you TekSavvy) and a wish that many others wake up and realize that the new entrants are not as bad as Rogers claims they are.

    Maybe with the $1826.75 in phone bills that I saved last year, I can start a Rogers customer abuse rehab center.

    • Tom

      Only problem with switching to TekSavvy is you that you actually have to use service from TekSavvy

  • Betty Koyle

    sure I will text from my RIP blackberry… bye RIM

    • Terry Phillips

      Man, people like you are what keep me coming to sites like these. The world can do so much better without comments from you, but let me tell you, comments like this are good for a laugh.

  • Lance W

    And all 6000 will be drunkenly misspelled.

  • deltatux

    I really hope that the Mobilicity network can keep up with the demand generated by customers like me who are heading downtown. Also, I hope that in 2012, the new entrants put more pressure on the Big 3 and have real competition. Mainly first by having at least enough towers to serve everyone in their zones :)!

  • hugh

    I’m on Koodo mobile, the only time my phone didn’t work was on Canada day in Downtown Ottawa.

  • Jadis

    I used pay-as-you-go for a while, which dont have statement.
    Until recently I change to monthly, I awared this mystery charge.
    Then Roger said you need to deal with that mystery party.

    OK, I send “STOP” to that number. It also reply OK.
    But next month, the charge show again. never show on phone, check with Roger, it come from the same number.

    What I need to go through this every month? Why I need argue this? I even dont know ho many money was stolen. Rogers show in-responsible.

    On internet, there already a lot of victim case, hope you wont be next, nobody would help you.

  • Rogersux

    Well non of my happy new year texts have gone
    Through yet…. Good job Rogers .. U suck

    • TheCyberKnight

      Same here!
      At our party, all people that are on Rogers (and Fido) were unable to send any SMS. They all bounced back for at least an hour.


  • Travis

    My TELUS Blackberry pushed out texts faster than ever on New Years.