UBC says “People more likely to lie when texting”

The latest CWTA stat showed that Canadians have sent over 57 billion text messages so far this year, probably will hit close to 70 billion by the time the ball drops on New Year’s. A new study by the University of British Columbia reveals that “People more likely to lie when texting”. Researchers from the Sauder School of Business at UBC conducted a quick poll of only 170 students and found that “the more anonymous the technology allows a person to be in a communications exchange, the more likely they are to become morally lax.”

These 170 students were brought together in 4 different ways to perform mock stock transactions: face-to-face, video, audio or text chatting. According to the release “Brokers” were promised increased cash rewards for more stock sales, while ‘buyers’ were told their cash reward would depend on the yet-to-be-determined value of the stock.” A twist in the study was that the brokers were given some insider info that caused the stock to lose half its value (sounds like RIM). After the transactions were completed the researchers asked the buyers if the brokers used deceitful tactics to sell their stock… when all said and done the research found that those who used text message to communicate were most likely to be lie and bend the truth, upwards of up to 95% more likely when compared to those on video, 31% compared to face-to-face interactions, and 18% to those via audio chat.

Wonder how many of the 57 billion text messages Canadians sent this year have been lies. Thanks UBC.

Source: UBC