Bell Motorola ATRIX gets updated to Android OS 2.3.6


  • Alex Perrier

    Sounds promising. What about Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • andrew

    Nothing for me in Calgary :S

  • bob

    Why an old kernel?

  • Nicole

    Nothing yet in Kelowna, BC

  • alex

    nothing for me in toronto

  • Ryan

    Nothing for me yet in NB!

  • Kerry

    Downloaded and installed on my Atrix. Am at work, so haven’t had time to assess. No obvious differences noticed yet.

  • TheTigerTek

    Atrix is not a year old.. it was released March 17 2011 we’re still in 2011.

  • JohnNS

    Icons a little crisper to me, possibly new version of swype.

    Ver for swype on 2.3.6 update

    Anyone with an un-updated Atrix have a version on their swype?


  • Nicole

    Swype on my Atrix with 2.3.4

  • jerry

    Really don’t like the new colors. Purple battery!? Green notification bar and possibly tray? What they were thinking? The dark blue in previous version was perfect.

    • JohnNS

      Don’t worry Jerry, that’s just the way Screen Shot It took the screenie. Colours haven’t changed 🙂


  • leobg

    I guess update day today for Motorola/Bell – my XT860 4G just got updated to 2.3.6 too – system version 5.2.476.XT860.BellMobility.en.CA

  • JohnNS

    Ah, cool. Thanks 🙂


  • SgtEddieWinslow

    big update with this is ability to video chat with google Talk ,and better battery life, plus a few additional bug fixes. If you read the change log of the notification it lists them all. i got the notification of the update today around 11am

  • Braden

    Nothing in Vancouver

  • piercio

    In hamilton – nothing yet! 😛

  • Excalibur

    This is contagious and it’s happening here also.
    Why should we be happy for getting a newer build of an obsolete OS version?
    This should have been ICS. There’s nothing to celebrate.

  • Chester

    The Nexus S 2.3.6 update had issues with tethering (disabled it). Was that resolved or can anybody confirm that it’s not an issue with this Atrix 2.3.6 update?

  • John

    Where can I download the update?

  • {JPM}

    Nothing here for me in Toronto yet.

    Do you lose root?

  • someguy

    No update in Guelph…greeaaaaat…..

  • NHL

    Not working for me in Toronto. My brother has the droid 3(xt860), so ill see if he gets the update also or if hes having the save prob as i am.

  • jon_d0e

    this will most likely your last update. lol?

  • Hugh Gerection

    Fail. I want to taste Ice Cream Sandwich with my Atrix. Nothing else will do.

  • klasno

    can use skype now. was impossible in previous version due to sound quality. battery life seems to be better, but can’t say for sure. need more testing

  • jongie

    This is nice and all, but I wish Motorola would just come clean about whether ICS coming to its 2011 dual core devices or not. Knowing in advance would make my decision about upgrading much easier. The ATRIX has so far met my needs, and having ICS would far extend its usefulness for perhaps the remainder of my contract. If gingerbread is as far as I go on this phone then I’ll jump ship to the first pure Android, quad core, LTE device.

  • Hugh Gerection

    OrStill can’t get update in Scarborough.

    ICS should come to the Atrix eventually. Device makers must provide Android updates for 18 months after release. The Atrix was released Jan 2011.

  • Tyler

    finally rolled out to me in Vancouver, Installing now.
    Looking forward to video chat, I was pissed that was disabled in 2.3.4 also hoping that the swype keyboard is updated, the new beta is way nicer than the one we have pre installed.

  • Tyler

    Swype is updated too! it now has the newer word choice bar rather than word choice pop up which is much nicer.

    Video chat from gtalk and a swype update were the 2 main things i thought they missed in the first gingerbread update so i am happy to have them now.

    now we just need ICS and maybe people will believe in Motorola again. . .

  • mat

    downloading now but i was wishing for ICS

  • Ben

    updated here in OS, Ontario. Same boat as everyone else though, wishing for ICS…

  • Marc

    I just got the update!

    minor ui changes new sharper icons.
    new swipe keyboard much more space for big fingers and quicker response. they reconfigured the keys as well.
    the phone seems faster overall.

  • van

    After upgrade to 2.3.6 (from 2.3.4) the memory (ram) size decrease from about 600m to about 400 m, of cause it will save battery. But the phone get lot slow.BTW Atrix sould be have 1g memory

  • David R

    Hi guys. Just updated my Atrix today with 2.3.6 and since then i have seen my phone reboot itself 3 times, plus my wireless connection at home stopped working altogether. The wireless was working ok initially, but now it’s now working at all….very strange. Anyone else having issues since they upgraded?

  • Max

    Since the update, my wifi keeps disconnecting at home all the time. Never had that issue before. We have 2 Atrix’s and they are now both doing the same thing. Anyone else?

  • Tyler

    I wouldnt be too worried about getting ICS cause we are going to get it through CM9 anyways. Unlocking your device opens up so many doors for your device.

  • Rob

    Updated to the latest 2.3.6, my Atrix has rebooted itself 4 times so far. 3 of those times have been while using Maps software searching for an address. The good part is the battery life appears to be longer.

  • Mark

    Updated at work and since then it reboots every few minutes…
    I may have to do some searching if I can downgrade again somehow…
    Just running app updates between reboots to see if that fixes something.

  • Bob

    DON’T UPDATE!!! New Swype keyboard takes away multi-language and GPS totally screwed up: keeps rebooting the phone after a minute it is on…

  • Jeff in MTL

    I received the OTA update last week and have had a load of problems since then.
    It seems their Batt leakage fix isn’t quite right yet.
    Now despite my Battery Mode settings my Radio goes into standby as soon as I turn off the screen and refuses to come back up for simple things like sms and calls, unless I force some data usage first

    • Jeff in MTL

      It’s looking more and more like this update is a total failure.
      No only am I not able to send sms without first forcing some data usage to wake up the radio.
      My Batt life has gone down from 2 days with normal usage (Data, calls, sms and apps, mp3) to 9 hours with no usage other than a few sms

      Time to start looking for instruction to downgrade or if I cant find those, Then it’s time to load up CM7

      Thanks for nothing Bell… 🙁

  • H H

    Upgraded last night and now the tethering shortcut on my homepage has been disabled. Have spent the last hour between Bell and Motorolla. So far….nada.

  • H H

    Ok. After 2.5 hours on the phone between Bell and Motorolla…apparently the shortcut function to tether is gone. You have to go through settings. Not the end of the world but a bit of a pain.

  • Brandon

    Ever since the 2.3 update scrolling between homescreens has been really laggy. Did no one else experience that? I’m so pissed that this update didn’t fix that. I still have to use loaders to get smooth performance.

  • Christopher Wiley

    I don’t understand why you guys have been having problem’s I haven’t had one no reboots and nothing happens on Map or Navigation Yet again I accidentally Updated in my sleep -.-

  • Daniel

    After the update my Atrix is painfully slow, often freezes for 10 seconds, takes forever to load apps. It is almost unusable in some ways I’m used to using it like typing emails. I can’t do that now because it’s likely to get stuck while I’m typing.
    The wifi drops in and out as well. I’ve gone from having a fantastic phone to having one that barely works. It takes extra time to make a call because it will freeze for 10 seconds before I can dial a number or select a contact.