Galaxy Nexus going on sale 1-day early at Best Buy Toronto, December 7th at 1pm


  • Kid.Canada

    I’ll pass on this. Can’t wait for the BBX superphones coming out next year!!

    • BlackberrysInAPlane

      Just remember: they are coming in February; end of February; end of Q1; “Early 2012”; and they have announced the silver model for “September 2012” Let us know how it goes.

  • EmperumanV

    Neato. I wonder if they will allow Bell/Virgin customers to buy the phone at the outright price as opposed to only getting the phone on a 3 year HUP or 3 year new contract.

    Plus don’t forget, the latest Bell virtual line up on Twitter contest, delivers the phone to people’s homes for free and on the December 5th according to their website.

  • nick

    Another BlackBerry di ck suc king post from Kid Canada. Enough already. We get it, you love BB blindly.

    How does one become such a hard fanboy?

    • Kid_Canada

      Re tard, atleast I’m supporting a Canadian company unlike the Apple and Android fanboys..

    • Dimitri K.

      That can also go for the die hard fans of Itoys & Droid fans. He isn’t really sucking dick. All he said is he will pass to get the next bb with bbx. I suggest you read better next time. Trolls like you are the reason why no one comes in here & tells his / her opinion.

      Anyways i will pass on this too & i will wait for the price to go down. If the prices have not gone down by the time BB releases the new BBX phone then ill move on with BB. If they have put the prices a bit down then ill go with the Nexus.

    • Yeria

      Seriously people need to stop this “support Canadian companies” BS. What have they done for you lately? RIM is still producing sub-par devices while constantly losing money, big 3 carriers are competing who can screw consumers the most and Nortel was all burnt up now after pissing off A LOT of people.

      People like you are THE VERY REASON why this country is still so closed up and seeing no innovation.

  • AverageCanadian

    If only bell or virgin had an unlimited plan with data under $100 a month after tax with the three year discount they would have a new customer. Sadly they do not have this so I guess I have to wait a little longer for the phone.

    • daveloft

      I have a plan from Bell with 700 minutes and unlimited everything else, including data for $50 a month. I will be renewing my contract for this phone and keeping my plan.

  • Cody

    I’ll pass, but not for that s*** from RIM, I’ll wait for quadcore. My current phone can get me through another 8 months.

  • Kenny

    I have the day off and I will be lining up for it. I figure a 6:00am arrival time oughta do… I’m not even gonna get the phone for myself either… and I do hope they sell it outright.

    • jaylen

      you should probably call aheaad and ask instead of going at 6 and finding out on the spot that you can’t.

    • Yeria

      I called a Best Buy store in Eaton Centre to see if they will sell it to me contract free but they told me I will have to sign a contract.

  • Nexus

    Damn Best Buy, getting special treatment.

  • JB

    This is a Meme now “Scumbag Samsung makes fun of itards for lining up; makes Android fanboys line up to get Galaxy Nexus.”

    This is such a perversion of the Nexus concept. It was supposed to stop us from getting boned by carriers, now we are getting boned harder then ever.

    If this had been $529 from Google like the N1 I would have purchased one for me and one for my GF.

    • Dewey

      It’s a pentaband phone that will work on any carrier and comes unlocked. Just buy one and use it with your carrier of choice. That’s what I plan on doing.

  • Dave

    Haha, I love going to Ryerson University. (Ryerson Engineers!) All these pre-releases and mid night releases always happen in the downtown core. It just makes things super convenient.

    Having said that, I think I can wait till ICS update comes out for my S2X. I’m no real hurry to get the Nexus whether I’m with Telus or not. (don’t think i’ll port over to Bell just for a phone)

    • J

      but theres a huge con… you go to ryerson.

    • Dave

      How is that a con? We’re not in the states, our schools aren’t privately funded. Of course they will get their own private donations. All schools across Ontario to say the least have the same standard. So my degree in Electrical Engineering has no lesser value from your degree in Electrical Engineering from UofT or Mac etc. This misconception should really taught in high schools b/c it’s really is just stupid thinking just b/c that’s how circumstances work out in the states.

  • Matt

    The question is, will they have the ccessories to give 50% off. 95% of the time, phone launches, accessories available two months later.

  • shaggyskunk

    BestBuy may get special treatment but, they DO move alot of product!
    What’s with the personal attacks? It’s just a phone & two months from now something better, faster, and who knows maybe even cheaper will get some all fired up?

  • Val

    Guys – Am I the only one that BELL called and said they are ready to SHIP my phone so it arrives on MONDAY, Dec 5th? Yes, I was on ROGERS before, but they gave me a sweet deal, and shipping the NEXUS early…

    • Andouille

      What number were you? I was 36 at 9pm yesterday and still no call! 🙁

    • Val

      I didn’t get any number. I called BELL about a month ago to see what kind of deals I can get because I was planning on getting a NEXUS and the BELL guy told me that he will call me when they have them. He called WEDNESDAY Dec 7 and told me they are starting to ship the NEXUS on DEC 8 and should be received on DEC 5. He also mentioned that it may on be only activated on DEC 8. All I had to do is move from ROGERS… I will try calling them and see what the deal is… it was strange that I haven’t read about anyone else in the same situation. Too good to be true?

    • Val

      EDIT: I meant ship DEC 1 and received DEC 5

    • Andouille

      Ok! I did the wait line yesterday for it, maybe they offered you the same shipping dates since you were porting from Rogers!

  • steve

    but with the nexus, there is room to upgrade as android evolves. they have underclocked the cpu and increased battery life as well as graphics. there is room to squeeze out alot more potential with the galaxy nexus (same thing as they did with the N1). I still use my nexus one and it tears up my most of the galaxy series models till now…

  • shaggyskunk

    I never had or will likely get a BB, but there is nothing wrong with supporting a Canadian Co!

    Is the nexus going to be that long term useful? If you can’t increase the memory?

  • TGNP

    I already have mine!

  • g_____

    Tried calling Best Buy.. no answer. Any word if you can get it on Virgin Supertab on the 7th?

    TGNP: for reals? Can you post Pictures?

  • Lost in London

    Bell or Virgin, not going to buy it. Bell can suck it until I get an unlocked version I can use somewhere else.

    • mihaelb

      It IS unlocked! Why are you angry with Bell and Virgin?

  • Simon

    just buy your version online there’s a UK site where you can buy it for 710$ unlock…

  • Haywood

    FYI Heard a rumor Wireless ETC in Costco will have a $75 discount on the Nexus at launch!!

  • Chess Piece Face

    They’re “giving 50% of accessories”? Cool! I wonder which 50% they’ll give me? I hope the car and hdmi docs. I don’t need the extra battery charger and the desktop dock I can buy later.