Is this the follow-up to the LG Optimus Pad?

When we reviewed the LG Optimus Pad earlier this year, we liked its high-quality IPS screen and size compromise, but found the 3D camera a little gimmicky. The tablet was one of the first to market with NVIDIA’s Tegra2 processor, and the first device we used with Google’s Honeycomb operating system.

If this photo is to be believed, the follow-up to the 8.9″ Optimus Pad will be around the same size. Other than that we have very little to go on; besides a LG logo up front (the original was on the back) and a front-facing camera, we could be looking at LG’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, or a prototype of a previous model. Nonetheless, since we so enjoyed the Optimus Pad we look forward to hearing more about its follow-up.

Source: PocketNow