Updated: Mango update now available for the Rogers Samsung Focus

Update: looks like this version is in fact a small bug-squashing fix that is meant to correct some of the outstanding bugs present in the first version of Mango. This is version 7740, whereas the first Mango release was 7720. Sorry for the confusion!

Windows Phone users have been waiting quite a while for the Mango update to roll out, and Samsung Focus users on Rogers are among the last to get it. But patience is a virtue, and the update should bring all the delicious functionality one would expect from a mango, including true multitasking, fast-app switching, improved performance and Twitter integration.

You will need the Zune software on your PC to get it, but once you plug in your device it should be smooth sailing. Let us know what your first impressions are of the update.

Check out the download procedures at Microsoft’s website.

Source: Rogers Buzz