Updated: Mango update now available for the Rogers Samsung Focus


  • noochie

    err… the Rogers Focus is v1.3 which has had Mango available from as early as day 1.

  • ra

    Wonder if it enables WiFi hotspot .

    • andy c

      no it does not 🙁

      i installed this update on the weekend

  • KM

    Yep… this “news” is 2 months old!

    Since then, they rolled out a Samsung firmware update last week. There should also be an update to build 7740 soon to fix a couple of bugs in Mango.

  • Graham J

    I’m sure Focus owners will find this information useful.

    All five of them.

    • noochie

      You are obviously a iphone/android user who takes pride in being a member of a very large community. Good for you.

  • len

    odd, my phone not giving me and update request… im still on 7720

  • TheCyberKnight

    This update fixes the issue with Outlook Server 2003 (where a forwarded message would not properly embed the original message).
    It also addresses a case where the phone tile would not properly display pending voice-mail messages.

    Nothing more (at least publicly disclosed).

  • daniel

    wow can I know if I have mango? current windows phone 7.5 OS:7.10.7720.68
    LG C900B

    • KM

      Yep that’s mango. Although it’s not the latest build… which is 7740 with some bug fixes.

  • daniel

    ok so I have Mango, My phone look like the one (samsung) in this post. For multitask switching, I need to hold the arrow for 1 second and all the open program are there. Hope this help someone…

  • shawn

    This story is wrong. Mango for Samsung Focus on Rogers was released awhile ago. This story refers to an update I got last week. Yep, the Exchange fixing bug for quoted text (that I never experienced). WiFi sharing still not enabled.

    • TheCyberKnight

      The WiFi sharing feature must be enabled by the carrier. Mango does support it.

      It is now clear that Rogers just does not seem to be interested in enabling it for its customers. Total lack of consideration here.

      It does not matter how I consume my monthly bandwidth. Whether it is directly from my phone or through sharing, just let me decide.

  • Nino

    If we call rogers, would they be able to enable the data share or is it completely blocked? Has anyone tried to call and ask them?

  • Len

    hey guys, i just contacted microsoft answers and they said this update is mainly for europe.
    The rogers focus is not part of this update…. fyi… unless they are wrong

  • KM

    No 7740 update for my Rogers Focus yet. That Exchange 2003 bug fix is badly needed for my work email. Right now it’s only good for reading emails, not replying.