Upcoming Rogers Galaxy Nexus can now be reserved online


  • Preacher

    to reserve a phone thats coming out almost 2 months from now (maybe) you better give me some dirt cheap data to go with that extended contract

  • Dave

    Number #41 here.

  • dixmak

    Got #18.

  • Mattymo


  • Kid_Canada

    Wouldn’t upgrade to that crap..keeping my Torch 9810 😉

  • Calvin

    I know people got S2 LTE earlier than people who reserved it on Rogers. I wonder what is the $40 reservation fee for.

  • ehscooper

    It should be stated that it is not a $40 charge. Upon collecting or cancelling your reservation, $40 is credited to your account.

    I’m #20

  • Jake

    Anyone can confirm if this device is going to be sold unlocked? I’ve got #49.

  • oboy

    Anybody know if reserving this Nexus now would be eligible for the Galaxy Tab promo even though the device isn’t out until January? I’m hoping to preorder 2 on a couples plan now to take advantage of the tab offer. Gotta hit a Rogers store to get some details.

    • iEtthy

      Need an answer to this as well. ty berrymuch

  • RichieRich

    ok so reserve a device that you have nooooooo idea what the actually cost is going to be? What happens when you reserve it and the price ends up being $899 or something like that?

    • soulstar

      you cancel the reservation and get your money back.

    • ehscooper

      Then you cancel the reservation and get you $40 back…

  • soulstar

    you get the money back either way… it’s just a deposit

  • Jake

    “In order to secure a place in our reservation line, a reservation fee of $40.00 plus taxes will be applied to your next Rogers invoice and will be credited back to your account when your device is shipped from our warehouse or when your reservation is cancelled.”

  • Bob C

    How about ffff ing Fido Rogers

    • Abdul

      I think thats it’s actually called “Rogers/Fido Reservation System” a least thats what it auto serached for me when i searched “reservation system”

  • scott


  • harpoon

    I’m lucky #7! Hope I can get it out of contract

  • Jeff

    meh. I gave up on this phone.

  • dnao2

    Many people thought when they reserved the iphone 4s on their reservation system they would be getting it sooner than others. This was not the case which led to lots of frustrated customers.

    Let’s hope Rogers listened and will fix their reservation system. Don’t hold your breath though!

    I also don’t understand the $40 they charge. If you get the phone, they give it back. If you cancel your order, they also give it back. Seems more like a cash grab to collect a small amount of interest during the initial launch period.

    • chuck

      i would think that the deposit is only to indicate interest, so rogers will have a somewhat decent number to follow when ordering stock

  • Gab

    hmmm my friends work at rogers… I’m kinda lazy on the reserve… but I ‘ll probably get it from virgin anyways.

  • Paul Hamilton

    very disapointed with the january release i planned on getting this phone on boxing day with rogers because future shop usually gives you a $150 gift card now i cant get it because i will not go with bell

  • ehscooper

    I dont really see the big deal with waiting until January. At least this way I can wait and see what reviews are like from everyone before I even have to commit to anything.

    Waiting an extra month isn’t the end of the world..

    • scott

      as a tech savant getting a new gadget a whole month after it is launched on another carrier feels like you are being let down. It’s the same thing as getting a new video card to only find out a month later something new has came along.

  • ehscooper

    If you’re surprised when you buy a videocard/phone etc and then something new comes out in a month, you’re probably not that into technology.

  • Nessa

    These number positions where you are mean nothing if it doesn’t guarantee you will receive the before it is publicly available in store.

  • Russ

    #9 baby! Can’t wait!

  • sam

    you won’t be getting my money robbers

  • bopteest

    Anybody else on hear know if you can reserve the phone and than pay for it off contract when it gets to the store? Or maybe someone you know has done this with a different phone?

  • RabidRotty

    I just spoke with Jessica a CSR at Rogers and its only the 16gb, will wait for the 32gb

  • Dave D

    number 160 – Hopefully we have a mega showdown between all the phones before delivery!

  • Jesse

    #154. Give or take 2 months before it comes out. I am still hoping that the 16GB Galaxy Nexus will start at $529.

  • P

    rogers fail

  • Domingo

    Although I may end up buying it, I don’t see anything inteligent about reserving a phone that isn’t out yet. Almost as stupid as those i****s in “Apple” lines. Frankly I think if people wouldn’t go all silly about these phones with waiting lineups and reserving phones you’d see better pricing. I know it’s asking a lot of Apple anything fanboys to not wait in a line in front of an Apple store for something but Android fans should have a better grip on reality and not even reserve a phone.

    • Randy

      clicking on a reservation form and having a device shipped to your local store when it arrives is nowhere in the same league as apple fanboys lined up around the shopping mall for hours or even days. saves the hassle of calling around 15 different rogers locations when the phone does launch to see if anyone has it. just makes sure if there is a run on a paricular phone, you won’t be left without for a month or so until the next shipment arrives.

  • Hiro

    # 197 for my reservation.

  • Turbofour

    44 for 1 phone and 149 for the other! Can’t wait for the phone to be release and give ICS a go!

  • harpoon

    I’ll have to call and see if the 16GB model only deal is the case…if so I’ll have to get one elsewhere for sure, with no microSD option that won’t do…

  • KnightFire

    I need some insight here:
    If I buy it from Bell, and have Bell port my number from Rogers, will Bell give me a better deal for stealing me away from Robber$?

  • ivan

    am i the only one who doesn’t have android listed? i can only see LTE devices…

  • Shaggyskunk

    Given the farcical release of the SGll, I would hope that rogers has learned a lesson…any lesson and the Nexus will be “arriving” sooner then “expected”.

    As for the $40.00 reservation fee…it’s really a non-issue, in reality, the $40.00 just shows up on rogers receivables and it’s not like anyone is out of pocket.

  • Ozy

    #24 here. Jan release sucks compared to Nov in US & UK, but on the bright side, at least Rogers will carry it right …

    • Jesse

      Europe supposed to be getting it in December now and as for the US no one has said anything yet and Black Friday is just days away.

  • pdalep

    Using this reservation system is absolutely useless. I have done this with the nexus s . Then the price dropped by $50 one week later. Then with the galaxy s II LTE, it kept getting delayed and delayed some more. These reservations only benefit the carrier not you the consumer. Just wait. You’ll only have to wait an additional week and you’ll save money.

  • Riblitz

    #143 I really hope this is for the 32GB version. If not, I’ll likely fold and get the GSII LTE which will probably be $100 on contract by then. Am I the only one who’s a bit nervous about the Nexus not having gorilla glass or LTE? My current phone is almost useless because of cracked screen, and the GSII LTE has super strong gorilla glass and (obviously) LTE.

  • Ben

    Does the Rogers version has LTE? Bell’s version of this Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have LTE. I’ll be switching to Rogers!

  • KillerKyle

    LUCKY # 13 HERE!

  • Eric

    For some reason when I log into the MyRogers account, and choose reservation, All I can choose from is Galaxy S II LTE and Iphone. There is no option like the above screen capture to choose android or Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the dropdown. Did they remove it or something?

    • Dimitri K.

      Yes Eric they removed it for this reason:

      “You will NOT be able to reserve the Galaxy Nexus for a while. So Rogers either screwed up with this or Samsung is pulling the Nexus away from Rogers for a bit.

      “Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to temporarily remove the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, from the Rogers Reservation System. For those who have already reserved a device, their place in line has been secured. For those still eager to reserve the Galaxy Nexus, the device will be back up on the Reservation System soon.”

      If you are a Rogers customer you have a couple more months to wait.”

      Its on the front page of MobileSyrup as well.