Rogers releases the Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S LTE Mobile Hotspot

Rogers has launched the LTE-powered Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S Mobile Hotspot today, this gives you the ability to reach LTE speeds of up to 100Mbps, and when out of LTE range can fall back to Rogers’ HSPA+ network. The tiny device measures allows you to connect up to 5 other Wi-Fi enabled devices and measures in at meagre 57 mm x 96 mm x 16.5 mm, weighs 100g and is USB-powered, so no need for any extra wires.

It has a LCD screen for easy reference, can create a WiFi hotspot with WPA2 encryption, and can hold up to 32GB of microSD storage so it can double as a USB storage device. There is onboard GPS support so it can provide GPS data to connected devices that support it.

It goes on sale for $129.99 on a 3-year term and $199.99 outright.

Check it out at Rogers.