Bell to release the LG Eclipse


  • Jerry

    I would say low end device. I don’t see why people would want to sign a 3 year contract with a phone that will be obsolete in a year.

    • Dave

      Obsolete? As in unusable? Be careful when you throw words like this around. I do agree, however, that a 3-year contract for a phone like this may not be the smartest way to go.

    • Ivan

      Friend of mine got the Atrix free on a 2 year the other day. Checked out the price on and it said $0 for 2 year. Maybe it will be a trend…

    • Alex Perrier

      What he means by “obsolete” is that it has the Android 2.3.x operating system. Of course, any 2.x phone will still be useful, with more features than a “feature” phone. The main problem for me is that, unlike the HTC Status, this LG Eclipse/Enlighten has no front-facing camera. 🙁

  • Tom

    Since this is an obscure model (the Verizon one was CDMA) the chances of this thing getting any updates are about zero.

  • BM

    looks surprisingly similiar to my Dext which is only 550 mhz but no thanks to Bell now runs CYanogenmod 7.1. quite well I might add. WHats with all these budget phones coming out now? kust save up for a month and buy one no-contract. Its silly to sign away 3 years of your life for one of these…

  • jaylen

    Ok, under powered tech at the very least. and just wait for how long its gonna take for it to get ICS.

  • whiteguy

    I swear Bell is the best carrier in Canada. All you others who choose a different carriers are goofs. If you want sick phones and the best rate plans go with Bell.

    All my white dudes and pujab homies agree.

    • Alex Perrier

      Phones should not subsidized, nor be locked or “exclusive” to a carrier, in exchange for lower monthly plans. Mobile products and services should be separate. Sadly, the industry loves annual contracts. This is why service costs a fortune. However, i unlocked the LG Chic to avoid using Bell.

    • Aor

      Nice try, but you have no friends.

  • ToniCipriani

    So basically the Optimus Net with a keyboard…

  • OptiL

    Corrections: screen size is 3.5″ and the processor speed is 1GHz.

  • Lazed

    It’s never a good idea to get an LG phone…