Bell LG Optimus LTE “Available Nov. 22” for $149.95 on a 3-year


  • Barry

    Great specs, but an LG phone 😐

  • vladmphoto

    more garbage made from stolen apple tech, get a real phone, get an iPhone!

    • Jimbo

      You mean the same exact phone that has been out for over 16 months now without any design change or increase in screen size, ya right. Apple were the innovators of great marketing, now they are just innovators of lawsuits.

  • Nic

    get an iphone? pffft… or rather I think you meant wait for the nexus prime.

    • Nascar39

      I think you mean the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Abe

    More garbage talk from an isheep i***t,get a clue,get a real smartphone!

  • Alex Perrier

    i have to say that i don’t trust LG too much, because they took an exhaustive amount of time before releasing Gingerbread for the LG Optimus One. Now i have an LG Optimus Chic, and they promised 2.3 before the end of this year. With Virgin reviving that smartphone, LG would have an advantage to release newer software. But for this LTE model, i don’t know. A friend of mine has the 3D, still on FroYo. 🙁

  • bob

    I think it will be the first time that Canada will get a high-end device before both Europe and the US.

    • VinayP

      I’m pretty sure the US is getting this phone around the same time as us. They just rebranded it as the LG Nitro HD.

    • bob

      yeah you must be right

  • Daddy-Chicken

    It is a great looking device with killer specs. The screen is supposed to be amazing. Things that worry me are:

    1. LG’s slow release times for updates…optimus 2x, and optimus 3d come to mind.

    2. LG’s notorious build quality.

    I still dig this phone. I won’t likely buy it though.

    • jruregbhemktmjr

      Build quality on my LG optimus 7 is amazing actually. Mainly metal. Dropped it a couple times 5+ feet onto hard flooring with barely a scratch. Only complaint is processer placement back gets quite hot when streaming video.

  • Yaguang

    Can’t wait for other OEMs to take advantage of the HD IPS screen!

  • Hardened

    Bell Store in the PATH (Brookfield plaza; just below RoyalBank at Bay & Front) has the Optimus LTE and Galaxy Nexus on cardboard displays.

  • T1MB1T

    This was supposed to be a WIND phone! Why are you all not angry about this! WIND with almost 700,000 subscribers and 5 billion in cash will eat all of the big 3~!!!! Rogers blocks the signal and now Bell is STEALING the phones! How much did bell pay them NOT to let a AWS phone out?!!!!!

    • tsktsk

      tsk tsk stupid fanboy

  • Daddy-Chicken

    This phone would be relevant to me if Telus would release LTE in Manitoba…. Just sayin’.

  • saffant

    It’s difficult to put ur trust in a company like LG.