Leaked image of the HTC Edge, possibly the world’s first quad-core phone


  • chris

    Remember the days when phones were going smaller. If the trend keeps up tablets will be the new phones

    • keiYUI

      You know.. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.. We’ll probably end up having the giant suitcases with the phone attached except it’ll be high tech with a touch screen..

      Ouu la la 😉

      But yeah this phone looks sick!

    • dan

      android will still lag on a quad core, make it 8

  • Stimulator

    What’s with the 1gb of RAM still? Are we never going to cross that barrier?

    • Stimulator

      My point is that current high-end phones have 1gb of RAM, so why wouldn’t a high-end phone 6 months from now have more!

  • GMan

    Where do I sign up?

  • EAK47

    Looks like a Flyer and the Wildfire made a baby.

  • Jay Jay

    What a sexy design 😉

  • Lance W

    Dual core CPUs are powerful enough. Give us more battery life please.

    • ShensMobile

      Tegra 3 has 5 cores, remember? There’s the 4 primary cores for real hard work, and then there’s a 5th “companion” core clocked at 400 mhz that will control stuff like wifi and handling incoming and outgoing data. That means while your phone is off, or when you’re just checking your email, it’ll have extremely minimal battery drain. Not until you fire up your browser or play a game or watch a movie will the other cores be required to boot up. Tegra 3 is supposed to have much better core management which will hopefully yield great battery life.

  • ToniCipriani

    Good grief… 4.7″… please just stop already.

  • Sammy

    WOW — There really is no stopping HTC!

    Having said that, I think this tablet…er..I mean phone is TOO MUCH. It’s really not necessary IMHO.

    • bob

      Then don’t buy it. When this phone will be out Sensations will probably be around $250 on kijiji.

  • Jay

    looks a little chubby :p but i think thats just the image dimensions

    definitely has that premium design feel to it, while slightly reminding me of my htc desire (one of the best phones of its time). woot!

  • Lamothe

    Looks like a must buy for me.

  • abhi

    These companies won’t stop increasing their phone sizes. And americans will keep buying, coz of their *ahem* insecurities.

    We are doomed, I want a phone not a tablet in my pocket.

  • Tyler

    cool hardware buttons bro, and 4 of them even. Ever heard of ICS?

    • mokedosaurus

      i don’t think those are hardware buttons -.- more like capacitive buttons?

  • s2_is_the_perfect_size

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is the perfect size for me. Nothing smaller and nothing bigger.

    Specs look pretty good though.

    I’ll hold my judgement until Samsung announces the S3. Hopefully they’re smart and keep the same size but increase the resolution.

    • EAK47


    • Jerrik

      Personally, I like the big screens. Anything passed 4.7″ might be a bit too big, though.

  • Lemmy

    As nice as this phone will be but I would like to see a cell phone wristwatch.

  • kenypowa

    Looks like a beefed up Nexus One / Desire. That is, super sexy.

  • stephen

    i was going to go get the GS2X tonight… now i wanna wait! lol

    • Jerrik

      I purchased the GS2 X yesterday and I was going to sell my GS2 from Bell. However, after playing with the GS2 X, I was quite disappointed with the performance, or lack there of, of the GS2 X and returned it a hour later. Exynos truly does perform better than Qualcomm Snapdragon. I witnessed it first hand. On paper, the GS2 X is better than the GS2 but in reality, not so much. My two cents.

  • Aaron

    Capacative buttons?

  • Mark

    ME: Hey honey, can you come help me move my phone?
    HONEY: Dear, I’m glad you picked a smaller phone this time, that took a lot out of me!!
    ME: Just you wait until my next one it’s suppose to be the biggest yet!!

    I KID, I KID but I agree it’s not the SIZE of the phone that matters it’s the LENGTH of the call it makes!!

    I like my HTC Desire but for it’s memory issues!! If I did go a bit bigger it’s 4″ max as that’s the size I feel is best for the pocket, hand, and holding to my ear!!

    LET the JOKES a cometh!!

  • JL

    Okay.. these phones now are more powerful than the desktop PC that I am using.

  • Bacon eater

    If this phone has ICS why the buttons?

  • Methodman

    Absolutely love it! Have to see what the battery will do but if you can get a full day with medium use then I’m buying!!!

  • Dalex

    Sounds awesome! and surprising that HTC would go for Nvidia’s chip considering their tight relationship with Qualcomm. But it’s a great choice.

    I’m not sure about HTC’s marketing though. It’s been what 4 days since they announced the rezound? They should do a better job with these leaks, but meh, still finally a good sounding device from HTC.

    Sense 4.0 with less bloat would compliment this package nicely too.

  • dc


  • Jay

    Couldnt care less about quad core, however THAT is one sexilly designed phone! HTC are masters.

  • Sophiya

    4.7″ is too big for my female hands…

  • Adrastos

    Such an awkward time to be buying an android phone. I wish nvidia could have stayed on schedule with Kal-El and had it out for August. I know whats going to happen I will get the Galaxy Nexus and then phones with Kal-El will come out and that little evil gear monkey will be on my back poking me making me want the quad core goodness and I will just end up selling the Galaxy Nexus. Problem is I don’t have a phone at the moment and need one. Arrhggh dam you technology! ; P As fo this phone for the most part I like the design but for many reasons refuse to buy HTC phones. Hopefully we see a few more leaked phones that will be using the Tegra 3

  • zar

    sexy animal, but *puts on sunglasses* it’s too BIG!

  • Clumpen

    man, this thing better have like a 5billion mAh battery or be able to shut off processors when not needed or something…


    sense 4.0!! wonder wat thats like

  • ultramega

    Honestly, if you don’t like the size, don’t buy it. I don’t really care if it’s too big for you. Not all of us have tiny little hands which only take up a cm of screen real estate.

    I personally love that we’re finally seeing some smartphones with bigger screens like this.

  • saffant

    Jizz. in. my. pants.

    Holy s**t, i want that!

  • Marc

    I’ve used dual core phones and they’re certainly fast enough 🙂 their priorities should be battery life, RAM, software and I wouldn’t mind good cameras :3

  • Mark

    Question: what is the quad core for really?

    Since android is still rocking iOS ports, the originals work flawless on a much inferior phone in terms of specs (i.e. the iPhone).

    Unless you got the software what is the point of this madness? Now that ICS has (hope it is true) default gpu accel, dual core should be overkill for a mobile OS…..

  • RIchard

    Try loading a 2.7meg one page blueprint pdf on a galaxy s 2 and you will find that the gpu or the cpu are just not fast enough to pinch in to get one peice of info sent to you in the field, while it would be nice to have a laptop with a stick in the field i just cant justify the cost for the once a week I need it.

  • Derek

    Just curious, what is the major advantage to a quad core if its running at 1.5Ghz, arent we looking for a faster proccesor? Dont get me wrong 1.5 is nice I just would imagine it being faster. Does having more cores mean you can run more stuff and still maintain that speed? Please educate me I honestly dont know much about this type of situation. I guess my qu

  • BBC

    Man… This thing looks so awesome! I have been a GS II fan boy but this phone may change that!!!

  • Zudeo

    Technically Ice Cream Sandwich will fix the issue. GPU rendered desktop composition will make Android as silky as IOS.