Nokia Maps coming to all Windows Phones, while Drive stays exclusive

It’s a little confusing, but during Nokia World the company introduced two mapping products: Maps and Drive. The former is an evolution of the Bing Maps solution, offering detailed NAVTEQ-powered layouts, driving, walking and transportation directions and an extensive places of interest list. This service will become de facto across all Windows Phone devices (without being called Nokia Maps, obviously).

Nokia Drive is the free turn-by-turn navigation suite that, like its Symbian counterpart, renders 3D maps with dynamic voice and route information. We got a glimpse of the service at the conference, but due to the lack of GPS connectivity we couldn’t demo it. Suffice it to say, it looks to be about as good as Google’s free offering for Android, and a welcome addition to the Windows Phone platform.

Check out a demo from Nokia after the break.

Source: AllAboutWindowsPhone