Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Glide and Motorola RAZR both pegged for a release next week


  • Sean

    Two pretty good high end devices good job Rogers now does the GSM RAZR also have LTE ?

  • jellmoo

    Fair enough, but I’d like to hear some news about the imminent release of some different devices as well. Maybe the Focus S, Focus Flash and Titan, for example.

  • saffant

    Phone Galore.. gah!

    Glad Canada is finallly a strong contender in the phone market.

  • Ion

    Just in time for a new contract. awwwww yiea. great timing rogers

  • Abe

    already got my Razr reserved, im number 94 in line.

  • David

    If you are planning on buying the phone outright and are already with rogers is it still possible to pre-order, or is that only on a 3 year plan?

    • Dimitri k

      If you are doing the reservation then yes. The phone will be shipped to the store & once you go pick it up, The rep will ask you if its for a upgrade, new activation or a outright buy.

  • Omar T

    Finally, a decent qwerty Android phone on Rogers!

  • wewewi

    Verizon’ version is LTE with 42mpbs fall-back.

    Rogers’ version is 14.4


    • gbhil

      Verizon’s version is LTE with 900k EVDO fallback.

  • Tannis

    What about Fido?

  • MARS

    Who cares if it’s not LTE..did you not see those data prices?? 3G is just fine!!!

  • kevin

    Hmm..on the Rogers site, it says preorder the Razr by November 15th to be entered in a contest for a Xoom tablet. If it’s coming out on the 4th how would this be possible?

  • Susan

    I already pre-ordered for the Razr. I can’t wait to get it! HELLO MOTO! 🙂

  • Slumdog

    $649.99?? I really hope that’s not the case

  • Carmine

    @Slumdog – $649 is the standard price or any new phone to deter people from buying phones outright… Nothing new…

  • saffant

    Just to add, imho, the Galaxy S Glide should’ve been called the Galaxy SII Glide or something to denote the dual-core goodness.

    • Wicell

      Well, I know it’s your honest opinion, but the GS slide is not a Galaxy S II phone, it’s a remake of the Sprint Epic 4G from last year.

  • alex

    I bought the Infuse and EVO3D outright for 500 and 550. Best thing I ever did.

  • Android lover


  • Alkajak

    I was at Rogers less than an hour ago and the sales rep told me that they have phones including the RAZR coming out next week, which is why they have been holding back on putting the Raider on demo. They want to put all the phones out at once. They have the Raider in stock, just not on shelves. Confirmed.

    • KnightFire

      Do they have the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Saffant

    Well that was called the Galaxy S Pro, so why not call this the Galaxy S II Pro?

  • Artax

    Future shop and rogers dealer had no release info in Vernon or they just didn’t want to tell! I’m goin RAZR for my Legend upgrade I think. Unlocked and on Bell.

  • Dread

    Is this Galaxy S really and truly only the EPIC 4G and not the S II?

  • Ion

    One Rogers rep in retention told me that the glide will be here when it gets here. no official shipment dates they are willing to reveal but another rep told me it would probably be here already so ahhhh, shipment uncertainty

  • Sandman2749

    Yeah, the Rogers store in Cross Iron Mills had no idea of a release date. Grrr….

  • awhite

    I tried a few Rogers stores in the London area this weekend. None of the reps have any idea when the RAZR will be available. I tried to reserve online, but can’t because I am not currently a Rogers Wireless customer. I do have cable, Internet and Home Phone – linked to an online account – but I guess that doesn’t count. I can sign up as a new customer but then the phone will be on a separate credit card based bill.