Bell and Rogers officially announce the LTE HTC Raider


  • Sean

    Wow pretty awesome we seem to ge getting a lot of awesome LTE devices and if this really is $500 no contract it might just be my next phone

  • Allan

    Rogers has it for $574.99 No-term, according to the Rogers LTE site.

  • Allan

    Wait…the Bell and Rogers sites say its 1.2 GHz. (Not the 1.5 GHz Korean version).

  • moe

    What the H is wrong with Telus not getting any good phones, I mean except the SGII. I hope they will get the Galaxy Nexus at least.

    • Allan

      Telus is getting the HTC Amaze.

  • Bem

    Does this have NFC?

    • Allan

      Nope…no NFC

  • dave

    Galaxy 2 vs Nexus Prime vs HTC Raider vs Iphone 6 – We need a comparison review completed and posted ASAP! I need a new phone

    • RTET

      iPhone 6????

  • lady_di

    Rogers website shows the Raider is available now, and their LTE info website says the Raider and the S2LTE are also both available now….. WOOHOO!

  • Dern

    “when you’re outside of the LTE network you still get access to the best network across Canada with super-fast speeds up up to 42mbps.” – I’m assuming they are referring to their HSPA+ network of which I get speeds 3.5-4mbps on a good day. A far cry from 42mbps. How bout Bell improves their HSPA+ network first before moving on to LTE. Jerks…..

  • Mike

    Telus, I’ve been with you for way too long. I can honestly say that YOU SUCK. Rogers and Bell can announce and release a phone pretty much the next day, yet it takes forever for a phone the GSII-X to come to Telus. I won’t go with Rogers because they force you to buy a data plan. If I want internet I can use Wi-fi for free dummies. Has anyone had good/bad quality/signal issue with the Bell living in the west coast (Lower mainland)?? I’m seriously considering leaving Telus. I’ve had enough with their horrible/late selection.

    • soho

      1. get wind.
      2. Use all the money you save to buy an unlocked phone
      3. ???
      4. profit

    • kriEv

      Lol Telus and Bell share the same network. So the coverage is the same. (for 3G and LTE)

      Yes Telus was late in releasing the SGS2X because there were shipment delays (that’s not Telus’s fault)

      The only thing you will notice if you switch to Bell from Telus is the HORRIBLE customer service you will get.

    • bob

      Yeah right. It’s not Telus’ fault if the SGS2 is delayed just like it was not Telus’ fault if the SGS1 was delayed?

      And Telus doesn’t share LTE with Bell.

    • Todd

      And don’t forget that the Galaxy S2 X is an inferior version of the Galaxy S2. It has a slower processor and GPU, it’s bigger and bulkier without a higher resolution screen and it has worse battery life. There will be fewer custom ROMs and updates because it’s same as the T-Mobile version. Just look at the track record with the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant: it will not be getting Gingerbread! The same thing will probably happen with the Galaxy S2 X. Avoid it!

    • Cheryl

      Bell coverage is excellent out west! Email me and I will put you in touch with my rep.

  • cave johnson

    I don’t understand why it doesn’t have sense 3.5 though.

  • Andouille

    Bell website say November 1st availability, not bad… but I want to see more LTE devices!

  • Andouille

    Just discovered only Toronto is covered by Bell’s LTE… 🙁

  • soulstar

    I don’t understand how this is going to be in stores before the SGSII LTE. Are you mocking us Rogers?

    • Hani

      Seriously, and they tease us by release a “handful”, what the hell is going on?

  • GMan

    I wonder what battery life is like on these LTE phones.

  • Dread

    Is it me or is Samsung and HTC releasing some nice phones on Android? Making RIM look silly

  • outburst

    Battery is 1620 mah. That stinks for a phone this size.

  • zms

    should’ve have like a 1,730 mAh battery 🙁

  • Eluder

    Already got my Rogers unit in hand, but yet to try it out. Need to get an LTE SIM still.
    How can Bell’s site say this is Canada’s first LTE Superphone coming November 1st when Rogers already released the S2 LTE for a few customers AND already has the Raider in stores. Bell seems a little late to the game already yet their claim says otherwise.