Rogers drops price of Infuse, EVO 3D, Optimus 3D, Torch 9810 and arc to $0.01 on 3-year


  • Basem

    seriously Robbers! you are that cheap to not offer those phones for $0 … why the penny !

    and who in their right minds still buy a freaking phone on a 3yr contract of hell!

    I would rather pay full price instead of living in hell for 3 yrs

    • Dimitri K.

      You do realize not everyone is made out of money right? If people want to get a phone for even a penny or how much it will be for a 3 year price its up to them. Yes you pay more with the plan each month ( & YES people have showed me & others how much you are paying in the end of a 3 year term) but if the person does not have 600 + to buy a phone outright then the best they can do is this.

    • KidCanada

      lmao dude its only a freakin penny. If you ur complaining about that then id suggest getting a better job with a better pay. Wow I guess some people would just b*tch about anything related to the Big 3 lol..

    • nucks

      whats wrong with a penny you cant afford a penny and its cheaper then buyng a phone out rightif you get it on a plan and you would be paying for the service anyways so your argument is as worthless as a penny itself… man up champ

    • Giggity

      cheap f*ck

  • Dimitri K.

    I also just called in at Rogers & they told me that its a glitch with the system & those are not the real prices? Can you please show me where it says it until nov 7th please?

    • bccaper

      This is legit, I work for Rogers. This promo runs until Oct 31st.

  • Len

    More or less free for a 4g.. that’s decent. Wish rogers wasn’t the slowest to bring out software updates.

  • ind

    Wow, basem, calm down. The phones are not actually a penny, they’re actually free on the system side they only advertise it as a penny for marketing purposes. Some of you trolls just sit patiently on this site and wait for any chance to bash a carrier. Why is it so difficult to stay on a topic?

  • Frosty

    Does anybody know if this will work with the HUP? Or are these strictly for “new” customers?

    • Andy

      I believe you should be able to HUP at this price as well.

    • Reliable Source

      Yep, works on HUPs.

  • Anthony

    I just bought an infuse 4g a month ago for 150 and it’s already at 1 cent?! I feel like i got totally screwed and it happens the only time i adopt early on top of that. Karma’s a b***h…

    • J

      Rogers has a price match policy in which if they reduce the price of their own phone within 30 days(cant remember) they will credit the difference. Call in to find out

  • Pigslikecheese

    I love my infuse. i traded in my s2 for it. love the huge screen!!!

  • Doug

    I’m just Guessing they had a dyslexic person design the document.. 100$ for all 🙂

  • MARS

    This dude is really complaining about a penny for a smartphone?? Why don’t you just go to your nearest water fountain and take a penny out when no one is looking…geeeez

  • J

    Don’t hear him complaining about Wind charging 40-45$ for their plan. It should be a penny, right?
    some people have a desire to complain about anything. I dont like that when I close my eyes, i cant see anything.
    like another said, man up champ.

    • replaytonews

      you sure rogers has price match? i call in, they told me there is no such policy…

    • J

      Then they are full of crap. It’s internal for all intent. Ex: phone is 150$ today and tomorrow or within 30 days(dont quote me because i dont remember 100%), they drop the price in any form, they are suppose to credit it. If they don’t do it, It kind of proves how much of a terrible company they are. How fair is it for someone else to get cheaper simply because they chose to activate/upgrade today instead of yesterday. you may have fell on an incompetent fool.

    • Reliable Source

      Probably a store-level policy. Go back to where you got it and ask the manager. Policies vary but it’s a real possibility that they will price-match.