The Samsung Galaxy Ace will also be coming to TELUS, October 7th for $225


  • john smith

    STFU with the stupid “RIM?” comments.

  • mukrenol

    wow… an android for everyone
    that’s a better marketing strategy than the fruit company
    at least it’s affordable and don’t have to be tie down with 3 years contracts O_O

    good move

  • schultzter

    Since the Gio made it to Bell, I wonder if the Ace will too?

    • aka

      The Ace is exactly the same spec as the Gio, except for the larger 3.5″ Gorilla Glass Screen. I would be surprised if Bell carries this also.

  • aka

    dang, that’s a pretty good MSRP.

  • anxiouslywaiting

    why did they bring out this phone before the SGS2 is my question!

  • Maisha

    I just got this phone from KOODO, If I unlock it to use with rogers, will it become slower or anything?