Koodo Samsung Galaxy Ace now available for $200


  • Jason V.

    From the front it looks just like the Galaxy S II

    • m1lk

      The Face is a Lie

  • Simon

    Anyone know how much ram onboard?

    • Jason V.

      278 MB

  • Bob Hope

    Don’t have to be informed, it’s already listed on Koodo’s website. You can probably put an order for it directly now.

  • Woot

    This is going to be
    A really good device for the price

  • crimsona

    Other than the screen, this is the exact same specs as the Galaxy Gio.

    Not sure the larger screen is worth the price premium, considering the Gio’s been on sale prepaid for under $100 multiple times.

    • Jimbo

      What have you been smoking???? Samsung Gio isn’t anything close to this. Geo has smaller screen (3.2), less memory (158), Not even close on camera (3.15 MP), Video (Yes, QVGA@15fps), no front facing camera and the list goes on and one????

      You have to thinking of something else or your just an Apple fan boy and your ticked that apple throw an air ball yesterday!

    • crimsona

      According to GSM Arena, the Gio has 158 MB internal memory, the Ace also has 158 MB internal memory. Internal memory for storage is not RAM. The Gio has the same amount of RAM as the Ace and also has the same CPU both at 800 mhz. The Gio has Gio has VGA video capture at 15 fps, the Ace has VGA video capture at 15 fps. The Gio has no front facing camera, but neither does the Ace.

      The only differences are the screen size (they have the same resolution), and the camera and flash.

    • Jim R

      FWIW, the Gio apparently has issues with text messaging on Koodo or Telus.

    • Jimbo

      I need to apologize for my comment above^^^^. I have way to many tabs open and thought I was responding to the “LG announces the Optimus LTE”. When your wrong, your wrong and I was wrong.

    • elnad

      The Canadian Gio is not exactly the same as the international Gio. See difference between S5660M and S5660. The Canadian one is 3.2″ 320×480 and this Ace is 3.5″ 320×480. The camera (with a LED too) is a lot better on the Ace than the Gio. This one easily compete with a iPhone 3GS for only 200$.

      This is a good deal. The Gio was too, just a cheaper one.

  • Zomby


    • ThatGuy


    • Zomby


  • Bila

    I wonder if this will work with wind? does anyone know

    • bob

      Likely not.

    • schultzter

      I doubt it, since Telus/Koodo (and Bell/Solo/Virgin) use different GSM radio frequencies than Wind (and Public, Videotron, & Mobilicity). For the price you’re probably not getting a phone that supports every frequency. There are other versions of this phone though (and of the Gio) so one of those might support Wind.

    • jorvay

      Different frequencies, yes. But the Galaxy S II from Telus has a AWS antenna in it (aka will connect to Bell/Rogers/Telus AND Wind/Mobilicity), so there’s a chance this could be a Samsung trend.

  • kad

    hey it’s cheaper than the ipod touch !

  • Anonelus

    This is also coming to Telus on October 7th

    Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 coming soon to TELUS

    October 05, 2011

    Available for sale as of October 7, 2011. The powerful yet easy-to-use Samsung Galaxy Ace keeps you connected throughout your day. Powered by Android 2.3.
    Key features

    Easily stay connected with friends and family by acccessing and respond directly to email, instant messaging, social network, and SMS messages through the integrated Social Hub message box.
    For a different feel everyday, switch between either the white or black battery covers; available in box.
    Experience the freedom of Skype calling and instant messaging with friends and family around the world without using anytime minutes.
    Access over 250,000 amazing free and paid apps from the continuously growing Android Market.
    Get it for $0 with no data commit and a 4 GB memory card in box.

  • poe

    Cyanogenmod was ported to this phone in September yay!

  • Jim R

    Does anyone know if TouchWiz can be disabled, so that the stock Android UI can be used?

  • kev

    anyone knows if it supports adobe flash for web browsing?

  • peter

    I’ve called all the koodo stores here in Ottawa, none of them carry it as of yet. They say it hasn’t launched yet. but maybe next week.

  • Maisha

    I just got this phone from KOODO, If I unlock it to use with rogers, will it become slower or anything?