TELUS to release the Samsung Galaxy S II X October 19th?


  • KidCanada


    • GoingCrazyWaiting

      Prime is only 5MP camera

    • ThatGuy


  • MU10

    hmm.. GS2X or Nexus Prime?

    • KettleCorn

      If the Prime isn’t Pentaband (or at least quad w/AWS) for some reason, this becomes the most appealing phone to me.

      Barring Nokia showing off some super 850/1700/1900 Mango phone later this month

  • Chris

    That’s so far away. 🙁

  • Todd

    So three months after Bell released the Galaxy S2, Telus comes out with their version that 1) has a slower processor / GPU, 2) has worse battery life and 3) is bulkier.

    • Bostonontario

      True, but at least there is a Galaxy phone heading to Telus and it beats a BB Bold and any current iphone.

    • GoingCrazyWaiting

      SGS2 actually have longer battery life, if you have seen the full review

    • scott

      I’m confused when the Telus offering is referred to as slower in a comment above. Comparing the Bell website specs to the Telus Mobility website specs, the Bell device has a 1.2 GHz processor while the Telus one has a 1.5 GHz processor. Wouldn’t that make it faster?

  • teknoboy2000

    Telus, too late i’m going to wait for Prime.
    Waited for your version for three month, might as well wait little bit longer.

    • GoingCrazyWaiting

      you are in for a long wait

      Verizon got exclusive to Nexus Prime, don’t hope to see it until 2012

  • Todd

    Since this is some one-off version of the Galaxy S2 instead of the international version, the availability of custom ROMs and even timely updates from Samsung is doubtful. Not to mention accessories.

    I also just checked on Telus’ site and all the slightly better plans from yesterday are gone.

    • Matt Demers

      Disappointing, but likely true. I really want this phone, but the inability to have any future-proofing developer options frustrates the hell out of me. As an Atrix and Milestone owner, I know too well that buying a phone from a Canadian retailer is a death sentence if you want timely updates or CyanogenMod; it sucks that this likely to continue the trend.

  • GoingCrazyWaiting

    all these release teases are driving me nuts…
    can’t wait to get it the day it comes out
    I’ll camp outside the store of the release day
    Does anyone know which Telus will have the most stock?
    Eaton Center?

  • GoingCrazyWaiting

    So crazy I think I am g*y!

  • mat888

    pass! I’ll wait on whatever’s better than this. I was hoping it is better than the original S2, but it’s slower. thanks but no thanks.

  • GoingCrazyWaiting

    How much is Telus selling it for?
    T-mobile is going for $529.99

  • Clumpen

    ummm 2 “short” weeks? yeah, this wait is gonna feel like forever for me. considering I’m still using a HTC hero that’s just about kicked the bucket, these weeks aren’t short.

  • BigK

    Funny, I asked a Telus representative on the phone yesterday about the phone and he said they still had no ETA. Sack of liars. 10 more days it is then (hopefully).

    • BigK

      *15 days

  • man of goats

    does any one else have the business plan for 85$

    been waiting for this phone for a long long time bye bye mike.

  • admiral

    So does this version work for the small guys (MB, Wind) too?

  • Jay

    the S2X completely obliterates the iPhone 4Shit

  • kurt

    they say its similiar to the tmobile version, go onto and look it up there, this phone has a bigger processor and a bigger screen then any other galaxy s2 out there, sorry

  • 49North

    Too bad, Samsung, you have lost my business on this one. I have waited for 2 months to get a new phone for my wife and was waiting to see which of iPhone or SGSII will come out first. Now it looks like iPhone has beaten SGSII with the release date. I am gonna go with iPhone 4S on Friday unless SGSII will be released tomorrow.

  • troy

    for all You i****s saying the s2x is slower twhan the s2 are u daft? S2x has a 1.5 ghz dual core processor and download speeds of up to 42 mbps the s2 us a 1.2 dual core processor and up to 21 mbps so explain to me how in the hell is the s2 faster? Bunch of noobs

    • Downhill Dude

      Actually, there could be one area where the GS2 is faster than the GS2X. I read a report that the two phones use different processors, incorporating different GPUs, and that in a gaming scenario the GPU of the 1GHz GS2 could still outperform the 1.5GHz GPU of the GS2X.

      In browser tests, though, the X is going to win. The increased processor speed and the download speed, are going to be noticeable.

  • troy

    And the s2 is 8 hr talk time s2x is 9 hrs ppl in here are stupid

  • Paul

    @49North…Not sure which Friday you are talkign about but isn’t the Iphone 4S coming out on the 14th? For the sake of 5 more days I would get the samsung! You have already waited 2 months what is 5 more days

  • troy

    Yes scott that would make it faster but there are a bunch of noobs that think they kno

  • anxiouslywaiting

    I am super stoked for this phone to come out! I have been waiting since the end of September and I cannot wait much longer! Good things come to those who wait and I sure hope that the 19th is the release date for this phone!!

  • Phil

    I’m using a BlackBerry Pearl with a broken trackball. Upgrading to this or the Prime as soon as they’re available. Can’t come fast enough.

  • GS2rules

    so, rumor has it telus variant will be $670 off contract
    that makes the $529.99 from Tmobiles much more attractive even if you include shipping

    • admiral

      How can I get this from T-Mobile in Canada?

  • Kevin S

    Come on Telus… I’m getting sick of waiting to know when I can get one of these. Bell is looking better all the time.

  • Jake T

    I agree Kevin. I’m at the end of my contract with a BB Bold which freezes every 2 seconds. I have been waiting for months to get this phone. Telus should have released it by now. I almost switched to Bell in September but Telus loyalty group convinced me to stay. We’ll see. I’m getting impatient.

  • Shawnatron84

    A Samsung rep was at the TELUS Mobility building in Calgary today. Apparently the plans are to release the phone for end of October (info supplied by 2 TELUS mobility reps). So we might have to wait an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks on top of the 2 weeks from when this thread was posted.

    But hey, its better than getting the iPhone 4S… at all.
    This is coming from an iPhone 4 user lol.

  • Kevin S

    That’s fine, if they want to play games and herd customers around like sheep, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  • Steve R

    I hope the date is correct, all this comming soon from Telus is driving me nuts. Telus are you listening?? Just put a date on it for goodness sake. I have a new phone and the 30 day “trial” ends JUST after the 19th if they launch a day or two late I will not be a happy man. One of my children has an S2 on “another” network. If this is close battery life and speed are amazing, even compared to a Samsung 4G phone

  • anxiouslywaiting

    i called on the 23rd of September and the guy told me that it would come out within a week – 3 weeks. it’s almost been a month. this is getting ridiculous. don’t put something out and get the hopes of your clients up when you fail to release any information. if we know the exact date we wouldn’t be so pissed off with the whole “coming soon” tid bit

  • coangr

    When I spoke to a Telus rep during the Blackberry outage (what a b***h it was trying to get through!) she told me they anticipated launching it last Friday, 7th). They then proceeded to tell me that she expected it to be launched today. I personally don’t mind waiting – I still have a few months left on my contract, and I believe Telus is willing to eat the remaining months if I extend it another 3 years, or I can buy it out at $15/mth. I was going to buy the 4s until I seen a YouTube video for the Android (HTC) and seen Telus have the coming soon on the G2X and absolutely fell in love. I can’t wait to give up the Blackberry and switch to an Android, AND the most powerful cell in the Canadian market.

  • Jake T

    I spoke to Telus in mid-September and was told the GS2X would be out at the latest by end of September. But I think they were worried about Bell stealing customers with their GS2 and better rate plans. So they just through the GS2X on their website to entice people to stay. I don’t like being lied to. Especially from a company which I have been a client of for 11 years.

  • Kevin S

    I’m thinking we may hear of the release date on Oct. 19. Bell’s 3 month exclusive dealer rights doesnt end until the 21st.

  • djburns

    so this phone should be out on the 19th? no local shops have any info on them yet. you sure this release date is correct? or is it the date they are announcing the phone?

  • Kevin S

    Here is my best guess at this point. Website will be updated at 2100hrs PST Oct. 19th to reflect a launch date of Monday Oct 24th. Something to at least give us hope, which I feel none of from Telus.

  • Brad

    so it is the 19th, where is the phone?

  • June

    Just called Telus to get an update since their website still has the very old and tiring ‘Coming Soon’ note. The salesman (who, incidentally, told me two weeks ago that Oct 19 was the day) confirmed that today is NOT the day. He said ‘this month’. Bell and Rogers both have the phone so I’m just about ready to jump!

  • Deven

    its the 19th? great source you have….. cuz its not out…

  • Jake T

    I’m sorry people but you’re miss-informed. My buddy has worked for Telus for almost 10 years he said that Telus usually releases phones on a Friday. So It will either be the 21st or the 28th. He also said there is a big dealers showcase of all the latest phones coming out for Christmas so that the GS2X would have to be released by then. Exact date….still waiting.

  • Jason

    Is Telus listening to this ?? How many people do you want to switch on you just because you can’t give a release date ?
    I am out by Friday if a date for this phone is not out, Bell or Virgin it will be, just depends on who gives the best terms.

    It’s just stupid to put coming soon!!!

  • Jake T

    All right just got off the phone with Telus and I aired my frustration, The agent said the GS2X is launched in her system. She said it was $100 on a 3 year contract. But she was showing “out of stock”. She said the stores may have phones though. So who knows but at least we got the price. And if it is showing available to Client Care it must be close.

  • Dave

    Don’t jump too quickly to Bell. The SGS II they have is 1.2Ghz, not 1.5, and doesn’t mention anything about the NFC chip. Knowing Bell, if it doesn’t say it, it doesn’t have it.

    The Rogers version is not the X, either.

  • Paul A

    Just got off the phone with a TELUS store in Mississauga, ON and she said that they just got word that it was supposed to launch today (Oct 21st) but got pushed back and should launch Next FRIDAY – Oct 28th.