TELUS to exclusively release the Android-powered HTC Ruby


  • Barry

    Aww come on, why couldn’t why of the AWS providers carry the HTC Ruby, which was destined for T-Mobile.

  • ELNY

    TELUS finally steps up to the plate!

  • KPH

    Sounds like a good back up plan if Nexus Prime takes 8 months to get to Canada after it’s announced.

  • Cody

    Yes TELUS grabbing dual core at last! And Dual Carrier! Come on, push out a bunch.

  • Kenypowa

    This will replace my aging Nexus One. What a beast.

  • Cody

    What I find interesting is it has “With htc sense” on the back but it looks to be running stock android.

    • Dexter

      Good catch. That would make this phone even more amazing if it was running stock android.

    • Lucas

      the desktop setting yu see doesnt mean its running stock Android. u can install go laucher pro (for exemple) on your HTC sense phone to recreate that desktop.

  • mike

    Sign me up!

  • Jimmy Choo

    Hay-che Tee See

  • Darren

    How does this compare to the S2x?
    Better resolution?

  • Dread

    dam. that’s hot

  • rootblock

    No AWS, no interest.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Probably will have AWS just like the Hercules.

  • Jay

    Would this qHD screen be better than Samsung Galaxy SII X’s Super AMOLED screen despite their resolution differences?

    • bob

      Just look at the Sensation or Evo 3D (minus 3D). It’s probably the same display.

  • Mark

    Glad to see Telus getting back in the game.

  • Therm0

    Man, I’d love this phone. I have a TMobile sim which I use in the US, and I’d love to have HSPA speeds while roaming!

  • krstnlndsy

    Now I can’t decide between this and the GS2X…..hmm…any suggesttions??

  • Jerrik

    Not a big fan of qHD. I’ll stick with the Super AMOLED Plus display on my Galaxy S2 until an LTE version of my phone launches.

    • Stimulator

      I know, higher resolution screens are such a drag.

    • Darrel44

      Ya,but who the hell cares about what u think,this is about an htc phone,not some some samsung phone, troll…

    • bob

      Not fan of qHD? Are you a fan of WVGA?

    • Bri

      I agree with you.
      Although qHD has better resolution, I still choose Super Amoled Plus over qHD display.
      Super Amoled Plus is such a beautiful screen… colours are so vivid!

  • Jim

    Looks great, will have to wait and see what size of battery is in it. Will wait and see if the dual channel actually is faster or not. In theory it should be but time will tell.

  • Jon B.

    hmmm….maybe i should cancel my SGSII reservation with rogers..

  • Klauset

    For anyone interested in intense gaming on these devices as well as inhuman multitasking, consider holding out until the quad core Tegra 3 Kal-El monsters show up around years end/January. I feel that it would majorly suck if I picked up this phone in October only to have my bubble burst within 2 months by DirectX 11 capable phones.

    • Michael

      I doubt DX11 will be coming to phones any time soon.

    • bob

      According to Nvidia’s own number Kal-El (or is it El-Kal?) is only about twice as fast as Tegra 2 in games.
      Don’t expect too much.

  • Michael

    Mobilesyrup, the rumors around this phone was that it had a rating at MORE THAN 42mbps. But it’ll probably only support that on Telus’s network

    On another note, is this what Telus meant by “it’s time to let the market work”? Get exclusivity on the competitors phones. Smart strategy… but so underhanded!

  • Bill

    Telus is going to have an Awsome line up. HTC Ruby, Samsung Galaxy S 2 X, the 4 new Blackberrys, and the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, Telus is taking care of all types of clients wants and needs, That’s why there number #1. You Rock Telus:)

    • monsterduc1000

      Get all the awesome phones you want. Just make sure to get the best phone when it is released, the NEXUS PRIME!!!

  • Trevor

    Anyone else take notice the source stated the Amaze is headed to T-Mobile? ….not Telus. Regarded the stock UI (not Sense 3.5) in the images it also states “prototype”.

    Don’t mean to cloud this over the excitement cause I’d love for this to be my next phone! Just pointing out what I see.

    • Hugh Jass

      Did you notice that the “source” you speak of is in only referenced for the pictures of the phone? And that the article here states that a “tipster” said it’s heading to Telus? Obviously a tipster wouldn’t be sourced cud he or she would lose their job.

      On another note, doesn’t this phone look like a GS2 Hercules but with HTC branding? Just my 2 cents.

    • Hugh Jass


    • Eric B

      Well lets just say this i work at Telus and i have confirm with our HTC contact. This phone comming to Telus.
      As for exclusivity you got to learn this..

      Most exclusive phone are only rebrand with a lil diférent look but its the same phones.

  • skullan

    The last HTC that I had, which was exclusively released by Telus, was the HTC S640.

    The lack of updates and the lack of global interest/access to the phone, killed it.

    Never buying an exclusive again.

    • Frank

      lmfao at even the thought of not rooting an Android phone for custom roms.

    • aka


      Are you seriously trying to compare a 2007 Windows Mobile 6 phone to a 2011 spec’d Android superphone? The lack of updates is due to Microsoft’s terrible Windows Mobile OS ecosystem that never caught steam, not Telus’ fault that you chose that crappy unit.

  • Ace

    Sounds like nexus prime specs (samsung galaxy nexus) I wonder what’s going to set them apart…..

    • monsterduc1000

      1280x720p screen, better processor with the exynos dual coreclocked up to 1.5ghz.

  • saffant

    HTC Sensation left some bad taste in my mouth… Not too ecstatic about HTC phones anymore; gonna stick with Samsung.

  • K

    …and here I thought I have made my decision and would either go with the SGIIX or Nexus Prime!
    I’m glad for the choice though. If there is no further Nexus Prime news within the next few weeks, then I may get the HTC Ruby. HTC seems to release updates faster than Samsung.

  • aka

    wonder what that loop on the top left corner is for? antennae? this thing will come with sense 3.5 according to the original source from Engadget. It appears to be a prototype, so the materials on the back might change when it’s shipped. I hope they get rid of the loopy thing..

    I dig the higher qHD resolution, and the NFC comes in handy in near future. Hard to decided between this or the S II X. I have a feeling more phones will be announced in October when, iPhone5, Mango, and ICS will be launched..exciting times if you’re up for renewal!

  • Meister

    If you look at the back picture, you would understand that the loop is not part of the phone.. it’s a wire from the weird gadget on the back..!
    Nice phone by the way!!

  • aka

    thanks for the clarification on the back cover, I saw the leaked press release photo of the front this morning, looks very sleek!

    This thing has got all the current buzz words for a high end phone, dual-core 1.5Ghz, NFC, 4.3″ qHD display, DC-HSPA+ 42mbps, front video chat video camera, back 8MP HD video camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, etc..can’t wait to see if it comes in silver/white or black!

  • jon

    FCC says this phone has 850, 1900, and AWS bands on the same phone.

    So this makes the second phone on Telus that’s like this (Galaxy S II X being the other).

  • Sub-Joker

    …. with Sense 3.0, I doubt how that 1.5 Ghz processor can perform. The sensation is a disappointment when I tried it (seriously, the incredible S runs as fast and it’s less buggy).

    yes, Sense 3.0 is buggy. When I was using it, there were many occasions when I press the home and I see the “HTC” white screen. didn’t like it.

  • Bri

    HTC phones are ugly in my opinion.
    Seems thicker than the Samsung devices.
    Also I don’t think qHD display still can’t compete with Super Amoled Plus display.
    Love Samsung devices!!

  • aka

    as long as they don’t use the Pentile-Matrix qHD like the Atrix, then it’ll look good.

  • patrickm

    Htc ruby or sgs2 both moster phone but the ruby might be the winner to replace My great htc desire

  • anona

    Sounds like a Galaxy S 2 but worse then a Nexus Prime.