Stephen Elop says Q4 for Nokia Windows Phone rollout


  • Syrenz

    I was semi-considering making the jump to WP7 with the launch of the Nokia phones. Not really sure I wanted WP7, but I was checking it out.

    Q4, or even next year? Forget it. Too late. I have no idea why it takes Nokia so long to roll out one WP7 handset while competitors release new androids weekly…

    • Keith

      If you don’t want to wait for Noika, Samsung and HTC have some wicked Mango phones coming out. Others are sure to follow.

    • bob

      The WP7 phones announced have nothing worth the term “wicked”.
      Last year specs except a larger display and overclocked CPU.

  • Stu

    2012 for a Nokia WP7 device to get release in Canada?! I was anxiously awaiting it but now it looks like my next phone will be the Galaxy S II LTE – sorry Nokia, a little to late to the Canadian market for my liking

  • Doug Irwin

    I recently purchased a Nokia N8 phone. I returned it after a few days. It was an awesome piece of hardware, 12MP camera, flash, nice size and solidly made. The operating system was a joke. It would restart whenever it struck its’ fancy, screen was not user friendly. If it had had Windows 7 I still would have had it. I have a Samsung Focus now, but I will take a good look at their new phone offerings when they come out.

  • treysparker

    I’ll just buy it unlocked off ebay wherever its released, no problem.

  • Kettle Corn

    Absolutely 0 excuse for them not releasing the N9 with the far superior MeeGo on it then. Elop is a microsoft goon.

  • Randy

    I would of rather seen Nokia go with Android operating system then wp7. I had tried WP7, and I did not like it. I really enjoy Android. And Nokia has the best Hardware, but going with WP7 is a mistake for Nokia. They would of done way better going with Android. Android plus Nokia’s hardware would be the very best phone in the world. But going with WP7 will make Nokia at the bottom of the list for phones.

    • Jesse

      Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others will…..there are hundreds of Android phones on the market to choose from….WP7 only has 2 devices per carrier average so the more manus the merrier.

    • jellmoo

      Nokia would have been just another handset maker with Android. With companies like Samsung and HTC already heavily entrenched and dominating the Android landscape it would have been next to impossible for Nokia to really distinguish themselves. Add in Google’s purchase of Motorola (admittedly something that happened after the fact) and Nokia would have been further down the Android totem pole.

      With WP7 and the unique deal they have with Microsoft, Nokia is in a position to truly distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack, run with a truly modern mobile OS, and still retain their core competencies like Ovi Maps and strong design.

      It is definitely a risk, no doubt about it, but it is a risk that could yield strong dividends as opposed to a safer route that would simply has no real payout.

    • bob

      Best hardware? I don’t see a single Nokia phone that come close to high end Android devices. Even the iPhone4 from last year is still better than anything Nokia. They better change their hardware strategy before launching any WP7 device or it will be a failure.

  • Rich

    The last thing we need is more Android phone developers — I own an Android, but christ we need some variety in the market other than iOS / Android. This should be really interesting with regards to WP7

  • Montrealer

    Nokia, please don’t forget the north american market. You were already way behind others here in smartphone race. Now don’t do the same mistake my neglecting this huge market. I’m waiting for your next wp7