Rogers waiving Activation Fee until September 30th


  • Rob

    I honestly wonder if anyone is duped by these “no fee” promos? Not only are these fees ridiculous, but Rogers should be paying YOU to sign a 3 year contract.

    • Stephen81BB

      Theoretically they are discounting your phone purchase heavily as part of the contract agreement.

      Though I think I like the Virgin Mobile and Koodo TAB ideas for reduced hardware costs, I don’t touch either of those 2 carriers due to poor national coverage

  • Martin

    What’s the exciting part? I missed it.

    • Mark

      Hahahah, oh man, “EXCITING”?? These guys are insane. Whoop-de-do, save us a $35 made up fee which really means nothing in a 3 year long contract where you’ll probably dish out $3000.

  • Alex Perrier

    “should be removed all together”

    Agree. When i signed up, mine was waved, but no “promotion” was required.

    • J

      If it was waived……………it means it WAS a promotion. Anything waived is a promotion

    • Dimitri

      @J. Not all the time. Sometimes wireless wave, Rogers plus, Bell, Telus & some other cellular stores wave it for you even if there is no promotion. They do it just so you do not have to pay. When i signed my mom on a 1 year contract with Rogers from Wireless Wave they waved it for her. It all Depends also on who you talk to. Mostly tho yes it is a promotion.

  • Munir

    WOW! i am soooooooooooooo excited!

  • Albert

    @Stephen81BB Umm, Virgin and Koodo both use Bell and Telus towers. How is that poor coverage?


      Anyone who has ever used Bell or Telus would know the answer to this!

  • Lance W

    F**k you, Robbers. Going to Mobilicity when my contract ends.

  • Reggie Noble

    Bell and Telus to follow with the same promotion.

  • JSmith

    Yep all others (Bell/Telus) and probably their sub brands will follow ducks in a row.

  • Michael Smith

    Wow. mobilesyrup is slowly becoming an extension of advertising campaigns. You would think that they would say the truth. Rogers temparorily waives theft fee, lol
    Went into Futureshop today and they tried to sell me a phone. When i told them I was with Mobilicity/Wind they then said ‘Well isn’t the reception bad?’ I advised ‘nope it’s great!’ They then realized that they couldn’t show me the great advantage of a 3 year contract and went after some other poor schmo. Here’s a great promo… Don’t sign with any of the big three!!!

  • Robbers and BHell

    LOL VERY FUNNY Robbers (Rogers) are waiving fees? Man you guys should waive the fees you charge for going over the cap! the most retarded ISPs in Canada! Canada ISPS are taking a big advantage of their customers.. look at most countries! there is no limit! it is just a monopoly..

    Teksavvy offers rogers service without caps! why cant rogers offer it? shame on them

  • Red Green

    Thats R3tard3d GET RID OF IT ALL TOGETHER, activation fees are the absolute stupidest s**t that exists. and how bout fixing those prices.. hm, other countries get the same technology and the price is of significant difference. 12.50-40.00 plans over in other countries and here we are (american and canadian) paying 50.00 to infinite because of stupid things like roaming(instead of letting us freely grab a sim card in another country without having to hack the phone, to avoid paying hundreds even thousands of dollars for service?), long distance (Seems every number I call now is long distance…), Data caps(Really?? 5 gigs for 30$,PROMOTION, with talk and data, plans could boil over within days of heavy use and cost more then 100$) This needs to stop.

  • phoneguy

    PM has never and will never have activation fees

  • John123

    Rogers = Retarded company.I will never, ever, ewver deal with this company.


  • Bijan

    This Tipster is totally wrong, first of all Rogers is not offering Unlimited Voice************ 2nd, The price plan between 65.75 My10& Messaging + 6 Gb Data is More cheaper and reasonable than $115.75 My10 & + 2 Gb Data.

  • aiden

    Switched from rogers to wind mobile. With all that extra money i saved ,im living happily ever after. The end.

  • k

    Phoneguy, would you just SHUT THE F*CK UP with your CONSTANT public mobile comments. We don’t f*cking CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • k

    No it’s not, Dimitri. If you’ve ever used the systems they use in those stores they don’t control the actual fee. It is automatically tacked on by the carrier billing system, not the store. There have been plenty of times when activation fees were waived on non-three year contracts but they were not advertised.