TD Canada Trust poll says only 8% of Canadians use mobile banking


  • Sean

    I’m all for it but i have no idea which stores accept stuff and we need way more phones that can do this

    • Dimitri

      What are you talking about… All platforms aka IOS, Android & bb os have mobile banking. You download the app & its free. The app is the same thing as if you are going on the internet & going on your bank website.

  • Dimitri

    I find it better going into the bank rather then using my cellphone as a bank. People that are lazy or in a hurry only do it over mobile banking. Most people i talked to like walking into a bank & paying bills & such over the teller.

    • Sean

      That’s great if you’re someone’s grandparents who grew up knowing Mabel at the pharmacy; not so much in today’s world. Convenience is the name of the game. I can pay all my bills in one 15 minute session on the laptop in the comfort of my living room while watching the football game on Sunday, instead of having to drive to the bank during their “convenient” hours, wait in line, get served by an ignorant teller and then drive home again.

      24/7 access will always win over the consumer, hands down. Why do you think ATM and debit machines are so popular, Gramps.

  • James Oregeno

    I’d use it more if the TD android app was the slowest app going. Unless I’m on wifi it takes ages to even check your balance let alone pay a bill.

  • schultzter

    If I look at my bank’s mobile solutions the only difference between their mobile web site and their apps is locating branches & ATMs – available in the apps but not via the mobile web site. All the banking functionality is the same in both.

    So the problem is NOT the lack of smart phones, it’s the lack of decent data (or mobile browser) plans on feature phones. And the lack of a decent browser on most feature phones.

    The main reason I don’t use mobile banking more often is that I want to print out my transaction confirmations to reconcile with my statement at the end of the month. On the web site that’s easy; but on the mobile site (or via the app) it’s impossible! They need an option to e-mail or save for later the transaction slip. If they did that I’d use mobile banking much more often, instead of waiting ’til I get to my computer (and forgetting ‘cuz dinner’s ready, the kids want to play, the cat’s in an epic battle with my sweater, etc.).

  • Jeff


    There is nothing fun or economical about waiting in a ten minute long lineup at the bank, with the people ahead of you not knowing what they want to do. Maybe next you’re going to bemoan the existence of ABMs as well.

    Coming from a younger generation, most of my friends who own smartphones at the very least use mobile apps to do quick balance checks and money transfers.

    • Dimitri

      That is true but also you go to banks to deposit your checks that you can not do that threw your phone right? Yes some people wait in line for a good 10 mins but hey its life right? You can not accept that everything will be done in 10 seconds like a phone can. You can only check your balance or just pay a few bills. Im 21 & trust me some people i know love using the mobile banking but some don’t. Some also love going to the bank talking to tellers & all & doing what they need to do in the bank like it was bank in the days before they had mobile banking. I live right beside a scotia bank & you wouldn’t believe how many young people come & go doing bank stuff at the bank & they are holding a smartphone.

    • Sean

      @ Dimitri;

      Deposit a cheque? What’s that? If you’re talking about a paycheque, most employers I know have something called direct deposit? You may have heard of it.

      I haven’t had a paper cheque come in my mail in probably 15 years. All our baby bonus, tax refunds, etc, etc are direct deposit.

      It’s actually cheaper for an employer to do direct deposit than it is to pay for a paper cheque, which they then pay the bank to process.

      You kids and your silly ideas.

  • Dimitri

    I shouldn’t have said People but not all people are lazy or in a hurry. I made a mistake i ment to say was that some people can be in a hurry & they choice to use the mobile banking app or some people that do not want to get up & walk or use the bus to go to the bank use it. Not attacking anyone but thats how it is. plus you can never save what you are doing like the other guy said. Also some of the apps are not yet fixed for this. So they either take hours to use or sometimes never open.

  • ToniCipriani

    I use it often until a few weeks ago. Somehow my bank broke their ASP page and now it won’t load on my phone.

  • Jessie

    These days the only reason I’ll set foot on bank property is to replace a stolen card or make large withdraws (the ABM locks you out over a certain $amount).

    I can do everything else (except cash withdraws, but that’s what AMBs are for) online and love doing so. I just opened two new accounts online and let LastPass fill in all the forms. Plus, no line-ups and no phone bank!

    My bank’s (not TD) mobile app is simple and clean and straightforward; I use it mostly for on-the-go transfers and checking to see when my automatic payments go through.

    • Colin

      How often is your bank card “stolen”, to mention it as a reason to go to a brick an mortar bank?

  • Ryan

    I would use mobile banking more if RBC had an Android app. Their mobile website is pretty weak.

    And @Dimitri – I don’t know ANYBODY that pays their bills at the bank anymore. Who has the time for that? The only time I ever go into a bank is when I *have* to: currency exchange, bank drafts, etc. And it drives me crazy when I see people up there chatting away with the teller. The bank isn’t a place for you to go because you’re lonely, it’s a place for you to go when you need to do banking. When you spend 10 minutes chatting with a teller about your day, you are actually being insanely rude to the people behind you in line who are just trying to get their banking done.

  • Slow TD App

    @James Oregeno

    Are you on TELUS? It’s likely a device proxy issue not a TD issue.

    • James Oregeno

      @Slow TD App

      Yes I am….

    • James Oregeno

      And now I’ve googled to see this is a common issue with a fix (it appears)… thanks

  • KM

    8% is actually higher than I’d thought.

  • Nascar39

    I don’t use TD, I am a Scotia bank customer but their app works great even on mobile data. I use it for balance checks and transfers. I still pay bills on my pc (mainly because of what someone above said, can’t print the transaction/confirmation off from your phone), and I use the bank once a month or so, so the bank knows I am alive, and help keep the personal relationships that are made at a branch.


    well from having lived in other places around the world, internet and mobile banking in canada is terrible, canadian banks are hell bent on doing as little possible to make banking easy… but then canadians dont really know any better so why would more people take up any form of banking ease…

  • Mathieu

    I’ll use mobile banking if my bank had a mobile app.

    Right now I’m using Mint web site and Mint mobile app.

  • Jeff


    I don’t understand what you’re getting at. I’m not saying the mobile app does everything – it doesn’t. And I’m not saying you can do everything in 10 seconds or that you never have to go to the teller to handle your business. But it is increasingly unnecessary to go up to the teller for a simple money transfer or balance check. Moreover, this is why ABMs were invented: to bypass the line if you can. This is also is where mobile banking is important. To dismiss it simply because it lacks features because it’s new is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Ernie

    I wouldn’t put my banking information in a place that can be easily accessed, lost, or stolen.

  • Daniel

    I bank with BMO…i would love to use mobile banking because going into a bank is so annoying…only problem is that all the mobile banking apps are such garbage espically the BMO app…make a better app, then i would love to use it

    • Colin

      I would be lucky to get an app on my handset for BMO, Symbian isn’t important enough. 🙁

  • someguy

    I can understand the low statistic, I have had 3 android phones and the td app only worked on one.

  • kelly

    I have the TD “app” (BB 9300); , air quotes required as all the app does is re-direct me to their mobile site. If they could create an app which functioned as an actual app, increasing the loading speeds on transactions, then I would use it a lot more. For now, I use it mostly when I’m out and absolutely have to do a balance check or money transfer across different accounts and don’t have access to my laptop.

    I found they also made it pretty difficult to locate the app. For the longest time their website told me it wasn’t supported on my phone (but had been on my 8530?) and was unavailable to download from either their site or app world. Eventually I was able to download the app from the TD site, but had I not known it was possible, I would definitely have given up.

  • jabba52

    12.3% isn’t 24.5 million Canadians. it’s like 4 mil or something.

  • Matthew

    I would love to use their online banking on my phone, I’ve needed it a couple times – but they haven’t released an app for Windows Phone 7 yet. Other Canadian banks have, including ING Direct, so that’s a bit frustrating to me.

    • Dave S

      4 months later, Windows Phone market share slowing rising while BlackBerry’s declining, I’m still hopeful a Windows Phone version is in the works. Tough to say why ING can do it but TD can’t.