THX sound and video integration coming to mobile devices

When HTC invested over $300 million in Beats Audio earlier this year it was hailed as a strange investment, to say the least. But Beats CEO, Jimmy Iovine, claimed that more than anything the partnership was about improving audio quality in mobile devices. When we took a look at the HP TouchPad, which is one of the first devices with Beats integration, we found the sound quality to be some of the best in the industry.

In a similar vein, THX, the sound-standards company pioneered by George Lucas’ Lucasfilm, has come out in saying that mobile is where they’re headed next. “There are things that can be done that can enhance that experience – the clever use of compression technologies, the clever use of DSP (digital signal processing) which can sense the effect of compression on audio and video and try to restore a little of that sharpness,” said Rick Dean, CEO of THX.

Because more and more phones and tablets are integrating the HDMI standard, it is important to maintain high fidelity audio and video when upscaling to large devices such as a television or AV receiver. Though the details haven’t been sorted out yet, the potential is huge for, if not physical integration (a THX DSP chip or the like) then at least licensing the name as a third-party certification process to ensure the highest quality sound and video.

Source: Pocket-Lint