BlackBerry App World 3.0 now available


  • Blackberry user

    Yay!!!!!! But 5 years too late!

  • Phil

    WOW! Just 5 years too late.

    I threw my blackberry in the trash bin in 2008 and will never look back.

  • Friko

    RIM: Hey guys, we have added this cool neon sign above the door but the shop still has empty shelves.

  • Martin

    Not installing for me, hit from Bold 9900 on Rogers network get to the download link. I can see the App name Version:, click on download link, it immediately pops up and says Cancelled. Hit ok then I can see replace or cancel. Hit replace and look at the download progress and it’s says cancelled.

    Tried over 3G and Wifi same issue.

    • Anony

      Just installed fine on my 9900. I didn’t get the link from getting it to send an email, but the second option to the right allows you to download it via usb connected to your pc through IE.

  • Matthew

    Just downloaded and installed it on my Pearl 9100 and I’m with Telus and it works finde for me. It actually looks really nice 🙂 Majorly needed for BB’s

  • chall2k5

    As long as it lets me use my wifi instead of 3G data to download apps, i’ll be happy